fault line

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(geology) line determined by the intersection of a geological fault and the earth's surface

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The fault line, the meeting points of both the plates, passes through Iran.
The first edition of Living on the Fault Line (HarperBusiness, 2000), sold more than 64,000 copies to date, becoming a Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and New York Times business bestseller in the process.
According to Peacock, UBC Dean of Science and an expert in subduction zone areas, "Additional sensors on the Island, or expanding the sensor array into the waters west of Vancouver Island, could help researchers determine whether fault properties change over time, and where changes are most significant along the fault line.
According to UAE geologists, the earthquake risks are slightly higher in the northern and eastern parts of the emirates due to their proximity to the Iranian fault line.
So far, the 50-foot fault line is the only mitigation requirement identified in the environmental assessment of the land, Lauffer said.
Two were rejected - one because it is close to a fault line and the other because of dangerous soil conditions.
Since the Internet fault line is going to be part of the landscape, you better find out how to survive on it.
Some of the new adjustments include moving the school site further south on the property - closer to the fault line, but further from a water well.
His latest book, "Living On the Fault Line," has been received with similar acclaim and quickly reached bestseller status on amazon.
SANTA CLARITA - State education officials said Tuesday they will ask geological experts to check out what critics of the Golden Valley High School site say is a newly discovered fault line on the property.
Even so, sagging technology and manufacturing sectors have California teetering on a recessionary fault line.
As a best-selling author, Moore's notable published books include Living on the Fault Line, Crossing the Chasm, The Gorilla Game and Inside the Tornado.
8-magnitude Washington quake was on a deep fault line 30 miles below the surface, so the shaking energy diminished by the time it hit the surface.
While not a wildcat per se as no wells have been drilled directly on the lease, the prospect is up-dip to a Northeast, Southwest fault line and directly offsets a well that was drilled and completed in 1948 by Humble Oil.
Belmont Learning Center - Proposed high school academy - Proposed Vista Hermosa Park - Proposed auditorium, cafeteria, library and student union - Active fault line