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He works on his father Archie's 1600-acre Allan Fauld farm in Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire, seven days a week.
Among the Till catches were Robert Graham and Peter Meek, down from Fauld House in Scotland, who took seven sea-trout in a night on Upper Tindle House.
Fauld The dad of four, from Fauldhouse, West Lothian, said: "I'm going to struggle to get another job.
3 depicting the underground bomb store at RAF Fauld in Tutbury
Fauld said: 'It was an open game but we defended really well and scored two great goals.
The house dates back to the 1850s and for about 100 years was owned by the influential Newton family, owners of the nearby gypsum mine in Fauld.
ANDY CUNNINGHAM is convinced Fauld house are on the up after their 1-1 draw at Carnoustie.
Heifers: British Blue PS1190, PS1095, PS1000 Fishergill, PS1095 High Field, PS1070 Southerfield Hall, PS1035 Kelsick House, PS1020 Green Farm, Limousin PS1180 (x2) PS1165 Brecon Hill, PS1100, PS1090 Lankaber, PS1060, PS1040, PS1030 Fishergill, PS1050 Bolton Hall, PS1045 Mount Pleasant, PS1040, PS1030 Glebe Farm, PS1015, PS1000 Hudscales, PS1010 (x2) Lairdlaugh, PS1000 Low Fauld, Charolais PS1080, PS1060, PS1040 Clappers Farm, PS1030 Sneck Yeat, Aberdeen Angus PS980, PS930, PS860 (x3) Espland, PS890, PS880 (x3) Kirwaugh, Hereford PS900 Espland, PS840 (x3) PS800 (x5) The Breaks Dairy Shorthorn PS570 Brisco Hill SUCKLED CALVES - A very mixed show of suckled calves were forward with a good ring side of buyers with trade being less throughout.
The Newton family, owners of The Cliffe for about 100 years, were local entrepreneurs whose business interests included the local gypsum mine in nearby Fauld.
GARY FAULD Sreckons his Arthurlie side's obsession with the Scottish Cup could wreck their chances of landing some silverware this season.
Blonde PS1133, PS1127 Glenzierfoot Holstein PS1094 North Scales Hereford PS1060 Walby Grange British Friesian PS1021 Aulby Farm Aberdeen Angus PS1020 Oakwood Farm Holstein Friesian PS979 Upper Portrack, PS976 Kirkbride House, PS925 Fauld Farm Montbeliarde PS902 Greystone House Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 217.
BOXING: Fauld house southpaw Colin McNeil won the Scottish professional light-middleweight title at Glasgow's Thistle Hotel last night when he stopped reigning champion Barrie Lee, of Arbroath, in two minutes and 22 seconds of the second round.
The treasure, which was valued at pounds 4,700, was found by a husband and wife in Fauld, Staffordshire.
60p Low Fauld, 188p Sandysike Farmhouse, 171p New Grange Farm, 169.