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the passage between the back of the mouth and the pharynx

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For example, the coordinated movements of the velum, lateral pharyngeal walls, posterior pharyngeal wall and muscles of the faucial pillars operate to accomplish the goal of perceptually correct speech, and their contributions will vary as a function of a number of different speaking variables.
In addition, scar contracture at the posterior border of the soft palate can create a "curtain" effect, pulling the soft palate downward against the tongue and causing significant transverse narrowing between the posterior faucial pillars, further contributing to OSA.
A diagnosis of faucial diphtheria, with a strong possibility of laryngeal diphtheria, was made.
Exclusion criteria: Differential diagnoses were done for acute streptococcal membraneous tonsillitis, infectious mononucleosis, non-bacterial membraneous tonsillitis, primary herpetic tonsillitis, thrush and post tonsillectomy faucial membranes in case of tonsillar and pharyngeal diphtheria.
12) In Mallampati class I, the soft palate, faucial pillars, and uvula are easily seen; in class II, the same structures are seen, but the uvula is masked by the base of the tongue; in class III, only the soft palate can be visualized; and in class IV, only the hard palate that is in contact with the tongue can be seen.
Pre-anaesthetic examination showed morbid obesity (body mass index of 40), a relatively narrow mouth with a large tongue, complete dentition and prominent faucial pillars and soft palate, contributing to a Mallampati score of 3.