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the passage between the back of the mouth and the pharynx

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sunt enim corpore terribiles, vultu furiosi, oculis iracundi, manibus rapaces, dentibus sanguinolenti, et eorum fauces ad carnem hominum comedendam et humanum sanguinem adsorbendum omni tempore sunt paratae (.
The Mallampati classification score was 1 when the protruded tongue did not prevent visualization of the soft palate, fauces, uvula and tonsillar pillars.
Just like the mistletoe which often in the woods in the cold of winter puts out new leaves, nourished by a tree not its own, entwining the smooth trunk with its yellow growth, such was the vision of the leafy gold and the shady ilex, so rustled the foil in the gentle breeze: inde ubi venere ad fauces grave olentis Averni, / tollunt se celeres liquidumque per aera lapsae / sedibus optatis geminae super arbore sidunt, / discolor unde auri per ramos aura refulsit.
1) and then into a narrow passage way called the fauces (no.
Yunnan: ad fauces Kien-min-keou, prope Mo-so-yn, J.
Areas of the fauces are often bilaterally dark on examination," Hurlbutt said, adding that areas of the ventral tongue also tend to be dark from superficial vasculature.
To describe the epidemiology of diphtheria, we included cases defined as an acute febrile infection with gray-white patch in pharynx, tonsils, or fauces among residents of Hyderabad admitted to Fever Hospital during 2003-2006.
Pseudosarcoma (polypoid sarcoma-like masses) associated with squamous-cell carcinoma of the mouth, fauces, and larynx: Report of ten cases.