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a ruling on a point of Islamic law that is given by a recognized authority

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Dar Al-Ifta's Fatwa Monitoring Observatory warned against the danger of extremist groups exploiting the Internet as "a secret and dark yard" for the groups to practise their "illegal activities", according to a Saturday statement by the observatory.
In order to satisfy its religious electorate, the Erdoy-an regime justifies its acts by securing fatwas from some Islamist legal scholars.
Baghdad / NINA /--Chairman of Sunni Fatwa Advisory Council in Iraq, Sheikh Mehdi al-Sumaidaie detect that the number of volunteers to fight against the terrorist Daash amounted to 500 000 man from the sons of Sunni usurped provinces by terrorist extremist groups like Daash .
IN A landmark judgment pertaining to India's more than 160 million Muslims, the Supreme Court on Monday ruled that Sharia courts run by clerics have no legal sanctity and their fatwas are not binding on anyone.
The apex court said that either Darul Qaza or any mufti cannot issue fatwas and try to enforce against a person who has not approached for religious opinion.
In March, the nation's top religious body, The Indonesian Council of Ulema, issued a fatwa against poaching and wildlife trafficking and called on the country's 200 million Muslims to protect endangered species.
In fact, Ayid thinks Abulnasser's writings are unethical, but he disagrees with the issuing of fatwas against writers and intellectuals.
Manama: March 24 -- (BNA): Bahrain is taking part at the Third General Conference of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in the Egyptian Endowments Ministry on the theme (The hazards of anathematizing ideologies and misinformed fatwa on national interest and international relations.
However, Islamic Supreme Council of America said that fatwas are not generally regarded as being legally binding and the edict is "optional for the individual to respect or not".
In a Ramadan gathering, he said there were differences between opinions and fatwas when they were posted on Twitter.
Dubai: When it comes to fatwas spread on Twitter -- a recent trend that gained popularity in the region following the arrival of Ramadan -- making sure of the tweet's reliability lies on the receiver as much as it lies on the person spreading it, said Dr Ahmad Al Haddad, Dubai Grand Mufti.
DAMASCUS, (SANA) -- The Levant Scholars Union affirmed that the fatwas of al-Qaradawi and the Wahabi Saudi Mufti and the statement issued by the Islamic World League which instigate bloodshed and label groups among Muslims as "kafirs" or heretics are far removed from Islamic principles, contradict the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad, stressing that these fatwas serve the enemies of the Islamic nation.
Fatwas are not immutable, and can be altered depending on circumstances.
He added that due to issuance of Fatwas of some unauthorized persons the Muslim Ummah is facing the problems of terrorism and sectarian.