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a ludicrous folly

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Besides revealing his own fatuousness, Mr Bhanot is insulting in assuming that the reportedly poor hygienic conditions would have passed muster for Indians.
For example, "Carson's virtual HMS Belfast is manned, in apparently unsectarian fashion, by 'Both Catestants and Protholics', the playful transposition suggesting the interchangeability of these opposing creeds but also, perhaps, the fatuousness of their antithesis" (110).
Rather than trying to humanize animals, as did Trimmer, Krylov wrote social satires that "animalized" people and reinforced stereotypes in order to expose the fatuousness and corruption of Russian morals and institutions.
Alonso's remarks bespeak fatuousness in several other ways: "[excluding] the bully .
The fatuousness of quoting Leviticus 18:22 in a public debate on gay rights can only be exceeded by the pervasive application of the divine favor shown Israel in 2 Chronicles 7:14 to the United States.
Think of the sublime fatuousness of Rudy Giuliani likening sleep deprivation to the fatigue of campaigning, Rush Limbaugh characterizing Abu Ghraib as just a "frat-house prank," or Dick Cheney dismissing waterboarding as a mere "dunking," as if we might find children enjoying it at a county fair.
He seldom seems to witness, let alone seek, examples of fatuousness, pomposity, and other prevalent vanities.
Such papers are produced by economists who understand the fatuousness of the Robbins dictum.
So how is it possible that a former professor does not understand the unspeakable fatuousness of his comparison of road maintenance and destroyed life?
It's at times like this that the Peking Politburo must stroll through the corridors of the Great Hall Of The People chortling to themselves at the fatuousness of Western politics and the selfindulgence of its free press.
It also exposes the fatuousness of the Quartet and the innocence of those who lecture Palestinians on the priority they need to assign to institution building.
The fatuousness of what is now in train can be illustrated by considering even the following few points:
You don't need to be a resident of Berwick-upon-Tweed to feel your mind boggling at the fatuousness of this idea.
And let's not forget that cynosure of fatuousness, Arthur "Pinch" Sulzberger, the perpetually adolescent publisher of the Times, who sets the tone.
John Pawson's clinically austere Novy Dvur Monastery (AR April 2004) butted up to the priapic fatuousness of Future Systems; Richard Murphy's precise, Scarpa-inspired projects segued into off-the wall jokiness from Ron Arad.