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Synonyms for fatuously

vacuously or complacently and unconsciously foolish


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Chicago Review has frequently investigated connections between Zen and poetry, perhaps most fatuously in the special issue on Zen published in Summer 1958.
Scarlett O'Hara coquettes fatuously with Tweedledum and Tweedledee (alias the Tarleton twins, sporting absurd Harpo Marx wigs) till she hears that Ashley Wilkes is to marry his cousin Melanie, whereupon she pouts and sulks rather like Joan Crawford in The Women; Mammy enacts one burlesque, and the field-hands another, of slave humours; and Thomas Mitchell, as Gerald O'Hara, does an outrageous impersonation of a stage Irishman, hard-riding and hard-drinking and with a brogue so thick you could cut it, Bedad.
In the center, fatuously shorter than the others, was Amis himself, with his drink and hand-rolled fag, his often handsome face seemingly caught in mid-morph into some sort of reptilian visage.
I reply fatuously, shocked at his sudden appearance.
This lucid and unobtrusive realism employed natural light and the long takes idealized by Bazin, rarely ruptured by shot-countershot or analytic cutting, depending instead on slow, discreet zooms that pinion Rohmer's characters within the frame, where they are prodded to disclose their inner beings, which they falteringly, sometimes fatuously do, often unable to discern their true selves in the verbiage they expend on the task.
They claim - fatuously - that they are seeking to protect the confidentiality of their constituents.
NEVER in history has there been a job like this,'' narrator Edward Herrman somewhat fatuously declares of the American presidency in ``The Presidents,'' an ambitious History Channel documentary miniseries.
The mother and wife fatuously absent in The Tempest appear here in the forms of Isabel Ashburn, a Sycorax-like termagant who becomes (upon the recovery of her lost daughter) an ideally maternal figure, and of Lady D'Averne, an emblem of perfect wifely obedience.
In one sense the "I" in Creeley's work plays the role of a third-person character submerged in the tidal pulls of the experiential (most fatuously noted by his revisionist cogito, "As soon as/I speak, I/speaks").
Most fatuously, in 1978 Californians approved by a large margin the property-tax-cutting measure Proposition 13.
The Pentagon hates this kind of prototyping--and fatuously claims it's expensive--because it opens the door for program cancellations.
It must also be said that the omission of Nine Discourses on Commodus, 1963, is regretful; the paintings are notorious for having been derided in print by Donald Judd (in a fatuously dismissive review) when they were shown at the Castelli Gallery in New York in 1964.
The fatuously ill-informed Rodolphe Adada, AU/UN Joint Special
Plaid Cymru, never knowingly un-po-faced, wheeled out Helen Mary Jones to declare fatuously that there was no room for such bigotry in Welsh politics.