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a ludicrous folly

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Gaskell's fabricated world of good food, generous behaviour, and polite language is the very antithesis of Behan's prison experience, Behan's point is not only to underscore the obvious fatuity of Mrs.
He points to the absurdity of being amused by another man's silliness, disliking to be a simpleton himself These moriones "are so silly as to make a show of their fatuity for the amusement (ad movendum risum) of clever people, even with idiotic gestures (cerriti).
not so much cloaked in idealism as it is drowned in fatuity.
And contraception access in New Hampshire was improved by the state's decision to restore full funding to its fatuity planning programs.
Johnson serves on the fatuity at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, receiving its Emil H.
The fatuity of this is perfectly illustrated by the objective of "empowering women," a feminist ideal that is held to in the United States but that declares a culture-war, in effect, on so much that goes to the heart of Islamic religion and culture.
Royal Cortissoz commented that it was "to the credit of our countrymen that their indulgences in egotistical fatuity has as yet been slight.
None of this fatuity has stopped the EPA from upping the ante with corn ethanol.
Charters and Caldicott represent that fatuity in formally eccentric terms.
Camillo Formigatti's essay is trenchant in pointing out the fatuity of trying to define what"mythological dimensions" means (which this collection does not do other than impressionistically) and also pointing out how un-mythical, as it were, Gaiman's treatment of myth tends to be.
He is a member of the adjunct fatuity at the California Institute of Finance, a graduate school at California Lutheran University.
In indignation", he recalls the words of Peter Medawar, a surgeon like he is, who went on to become an incisive social commentator: "To deride the hopes of progress is the ultimate fatuity, the last word in poverty of spirit and meanness of mind" (p.