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a ludicrous folly

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This demonstrates the fatuity of claims by wind industry apologists that "the wind is always blowing somewhere" and that we can depend on wind and solar to meet demand.
The word goes back to the literary figure Gottlieb Biedermaier, invented in the late 1840s by intellectuals as a parody of the docility and fatuity of that conservative era's middle class.
Predator provides a first-rate look at how inspiration, creativity, hard work, personality conflicts, rivalries, egos, political calculations, power plays, avarice, and, yes, fatuity, shape or scuttle new weapons.
to which each responds by a smile, more or less mysterious and significant, according to this degree of fatuity, and the character of its inquirer; but always implying, with more or less distinctness, that he has encountered more of romantic adventures than he thinks fit to recount to everybody" (Constantinople of To-Day 195).
The world that the war has taught Graves to see is a world of contingency and constant mistakes," Paul Fussell writes, "not to mention outright fatuity.
When excessive, such an atmosphere, however, becomes poisonous, leading to the fatuity of crossing the line and putting one's own life and financial resources at risk because of a soccer match.
Trite dialogue and stock characterizations make those 120 minutes a soporific bore, but an exciting and well-staged gun fight in the last two reels saves Rio Bravo from total fatuity, (6)
Waugh wrote that Lehmann had, "with singular fatuity, .
He will be the fifth generation of the Mize fatuity to hold the title.
not so much cloaked in idealism as it is drowned in fatuity.
And contraception access in New Hampshire was improved by the state's decision to restore full funding to its fatuity planning programs.
Is the allusion to Neville an oblique recognition of the fatuity of any Beauchamp "claim" to the title, a subtle defi to Sophonsiba's pretense?
Johnson serves on the fatuity at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, receiving its Emil H.
The fatuity of this is perfectly illustrated by the objective of "empowering women," a feminist ideal that is held to in the United States but that declares a culture-war, in effect, on so much that goes to the heart of Islamic religion and culture.
Royal Cortissoz commented that it was "to the credit of our countrymen that their indulgences in egotistical fatuity has as yet been slight.