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a ludicrous folly

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Playful approaches to serious problems: Narrative therapy with children and their fatuities.
Developing cross-cultural competence: A guide for working with young children and their fatuities (3rd ed.
The HopeCircle program provides help and hope for individuals and fatuities suffering with catastrophic illness.
While IBS aggregates in fatuities, it is conceivable that such aggregation may be explained by familial aggregation of somatization," they suggested.
And Austen also seems to anticipate the effects of a Flaubertian Dictionary of Received Ideas here, preparing us for fatuities to follow.
It is thus one of the few literary journals that has effectively resisted the rebarbative jargon and conceptual fatuities of poststructuralism but that has also remained alive to new currents of thought and information flowing in from empirically responsible sources.
Aron's refusal to simply lampoon Vichy as totally Fascist but rather to explore the fatuities of its conscious attempts to develop its own specious ideology is therefore to be preserved rather than transcended.
As a riposte to the stay-at-home flag-wavers and the fatuities of Lord Northcliffe's Daily Mail, they were certain of one thing:
If those pompous fatuities that make up the War Crimes Tribunal are to have any credibility they need to overcome the anti-Serb propaganda campaign with a programme that includes all war criminals including Americans.
It was a scathing expose of Communist influence on America life in the late 1930s--and of the fatuities (and worse) of Popular Front liberalism.
The Saatchiesque consumerist fatuities of people like Julian Schnabel and Jeff Koons, and the necrophiliac enjoyments of human violence and distortion by Dinos and Jake Chapman are celebrated.
These essays wed scholarly mastery over primary texts to a hard-hitting prose that uncompromisingly explodes the fatuities, solecisms, and fuzzyminded theories of the gums of avant-garde politics.