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nonvolatile animal or plant oil


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With such modification, in the case of castor-oil plants, the idea is for fatty oils to get accumulated in the seed without affecting other parts of the plant, thus avoiding negative agronomic effects.
Solutions: In general, you should increase your water intake to eight glasses a day, stop smoking, eat more oil fish rich in essential fatty oils such as salmon and mackerel and take pumpkin and sunflower seeds.
Developed for duties such as continuous de-gumming, neutralising, de-waxing and washing of fatty oils, both machines incorporate features developed specifically for processing vegetable oil and animal oils.
Normal tears consist of three layers: mucus, water and salt, and an outer layer of fatty oils that smooth the tear surface and retard evaporation of the watery layer.
The Gourmet Roaster (EF-TTC40) provides the perfect way to prepare steaks, chops, fish, and more without using fatty oils.
Last meal I cooked - I cooked what I call a 'healthy' curry - vegetables and all the spices but without any ghee, cream or fatty oils.
If tea can get rid of fatty oils in a bowl, he reasoned, then might it not work the same way in the gastrointestinal tract, removing excess fat?
Tao speculates that there are some chemicals in tea such as tannins, which may combine with fatty oils to form some insoluble substance, which your body cannot absorb.
The product is based on a new conditioning system using polymeric compounds; it's water-soluble and free of the fatty oils and waxes found in many conditioners.