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discrimination against people who are overweight

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Britain, the programme claims, has become a fattist society, where images of stick-thin models are the norm, even though they bear no resemblance to the average woman's shape.
But Britain has become a fattist society, reinforced every day by images of stick-thin models whose shape bears little resemblance to the average British woman.
Rightly or wrongly we are all are judged on our appearance and society remains resolutely fattist.
If not then surely it's Fattist to think "fat" is offensive and "thin" is not.
On The Buses was sexist, racist, fattist, just about any ist you can think of.
And her fattist comments caused fury among rol-poly stars like Lisa, Dawn French and Vanessa Feltz.
Has political correctness gone so pear-shaped (or is that a fattist term?
It's a fattist world out there and nobody knows that more than Fergie - a woman who lives with the media tag of the 'Duchess of Pork'.
In fact, Vicki is so fed up with fattist stereotypes, that she has taken it upon herself to change the public and medical profession's perceptions by launching a website, the catchily named www.
That is why I can get so steamed up about it, why I am what some of you call fattist and why I believe, however reluctantly, that the Dundee authorities have done the right thing.
And the judge on Popstars: The Rivals could not resist a fattist jibe about 23-year-old Michelle's 15-stone frame.
Podgy people from all over America are calling it disgraceful discrimination, fattist, and politically incorrect.
Charlie Adam was subject to fattist comments from Hibs fans.
The only thing that bothers me is that his provocative stance is consistently entrenched in an extremist, superior, intolerant, sexist, racist, fattist, homophobic, ageist philosophy that when repeated too many times becomes slightly alarming and no longer amusing.
We live in a fattist society, obsessed with body image and the seriously overweight woman who claims to be happy is a rarity these days.