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Synonyms for fattiness

having the property of containing fat

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Despite a "pork pie fiasco" and one or two minor failings, such as the slightly fluffiness and fattiness of the chips, he rates dinner at the Griffin as celebratory, awards it four stars and says it is well worth an hour's journey.
To keep it from spreading, more than 270,000 animals were destroyed, including several valuable stud bulls, bred to sire calves with optimal fattiness.
Sheldon, 1954, has created an atlas and classified people according to their features of thinness, fattiness and muscularity.
Duck is not my usual dinner treat because I worry about the fattiness that sometimes comes with the dish.
QHow do I get crispy skin and less fattiness when I cook duck breasts?
Sauteed baby Swiss chard was served with the seafood, and its faint bitterness was a nice counterpoint to the fattiness of the shellfish, ham and grits.
Depending upon the fattiness of the particular bird, you may have to remove some of the cooking liquids and juices.
Fish generally provides the highest amount of long-chain omega-3 per serve, but the contribution is highly variable, with fish providing anywhere from 100 to 2500 mg/100 g, depending on the type and fattiness of the fish.
Foie gras, the fatty liver of a goose or duck, can only be produced if birds are force-fed, since, on their own, birds would not eat enough to cause their livers to reach the desired state of fattiness.
every lump of machinery slicked with viscous fattiness thudding away with a sweating secretive intestinal heat.
Though naloxone diminished each woman's preference for sweet and, especially, fatty foods, it did not affect perceptions of sweetness or fattiness.
This cider provides an aromatic, herbal, mineral and yeasty background that compliments the fattiness of the shellfish," Chambers explains.
We use them to make a vin W -egar and they also taste great in our chutneys, as it cuts through the fattiness of lamb or venison.
This M&S version delivers all the customary rich, honey and lychee flavours but also has an unusual acidic edge that neatly neutralises any excessive fattiness.