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subject to or used in the process of finishing or fattening up for slaughter

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He noted that the National Project for Fattening Veal Revival targets young graduates and young breeders, where the financing rate for the end customer is a 5% simple diminishing return, including the administrative expenses.
At the end of growing, fattening and finishing periods, blood samples (20 mL) were taken from the jugular veins of steers using syringe and then transferring the blood into heparin coated sterile vacutainer (Becton Dickinson, NJ, USA) wrapped with foil.
Here is the list of 10 professions ranked in order of their level of obesity with the first being the most fattening.
Bananas are fattening Fiction: A medium banana contains 0.
Most of these emissions are produced in fattening facilities (Ni et al.
html) eHow Health, the Slurpee is the number one most deceptively fattening drink.
GINSA) is SuKarne's first investment in livestock outside Mexico, and the first large cattle fattening enterprise in Nicaragua.
The Sovereign visits a pilot unit of fattening calves, worth 54 million dirhams (about $ 6.
For swine, the average fattening pig feed price was recorded at 23.
But throughout the UK, milk drinking has slumped to a 25-year low amid fears milk is fattening and can raise cholesterol levels.
So I decided to stop eating meat, potatoes, cheese, smoked ham and all the other fattening foods I used to like.
The EU states half the feed eaten in the chicken's fattening stage must be maize for it to be corn-fed.
At the beginning of March, Greece decided to introduce a national ban on importing fattening lambs and kids (goats) from Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, and from all non-EU countries.
In 40 years of buying, fattening and selling pigs, the Waughs had never seen foot-and-mouth disease, although they did lose a herd in the 1970s when it was hit by an outbreak of swine vesicular disease, a close cousin of foot-and-mouth.
WOLVES boss Mick McCarthy today cast aside any thoughts of a sentimental return to Barnsley tomorrow by insisting: "They won't be fattening the calf for me up there, that's for sure