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subject to or used in the process of finishing or fattening up for slaughter

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His wonderful enterprise, his wonderful wealth, his wonderful Bank, were the fattening food of the evening paper that night.
Everyone was so full after eating such a fattening meal that they asked if there was any way to make the meals healthier," he says.
High insulin levels are the body's last card to play to promote a stable body weight when exposed to a fattening environment," explains Tremblay.
Pumping up the volume of objects seems his only means of fattening the art's damningly faint whimsy.
As a result of the sharp increase in imports, 400,000 head of cattle have not been able to be slaughtered and remain in the fattening pens, which has ensued in extremely high costs.
As women are increasingly aware of the negative effects of fattening candy and chocolate on their total well-being, a gift of good health, that lasts a whole year, is a welcome change.
3 starter feed composition contain: - at least 54% crude protein, min 15% crude fat, feed for fattening contain members: - min 42% crude protein, min 22% crude fat, with the respective dimensions of the granules 1.
The study was categorized into the following periods: growing (6 to 11 months of age), early fattening (12 to 16 months of age), mid-fattening (17 to 21 months of age) and late fattening (22 to 28 months of age).
7g fat Not that fattening as sandwich fillers go and low in saturated fat (although still quite high in salt).
Asda had the second most fattening cheese sandwich with 41g, followed by a red Leicester and Spanish red onion from Greggs, containing 37g of fat.
THE BIG BOUNCE'' has no bounce, no life and no reason for existing other than fattening the bank accounts of its participants and providing a movie-long product endorsement for Dixie Blackened Voodoo lager.
Critser examines the cultural, economic, social, and nutritional factors that have contributed to the fattening of our society.
They're a great solution for people trying to lose weight, or even for working men and women forced to grab fattening, high calorie meals on the run.
Therefore, fattening period is an important factor to produce desirable beef with high proportion of marbling fat in Korea.
The survey of nearly 50 sandwiches from popular outlets found cheese sandwiches were most fattening.