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(of market animals) made ready for market

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He said 3000 calves would be fattened in Fata by 2014.
In Korea, Hanwoo steers have been fattened until almost 30 months of age to improve meat quality with high marbling.
2 : a steer, cow, or bull especially when fattened for food
HAIR samples from child mummies have revealed how Inca children were fattened for sacrifice.
Now he stood before us, not-so-gaunt-looking (prison had fattened him up a bit, Karen speculated).
On a completely unrelated note, Indications knows of several already fattened, overpopulating, sidewalk-enfiltherating geese feasting on the grass at the Metro stop near the FDA in Rockville, Md.
Their keepers fattened them up so the birds would produce babies with a better chance of survival.
Anthony Richards' business card describes him as the "administrator" of Hato Charcote, a 5,220-hectare ranch of plains, woods and wetlands in central Venezuela, where thousands of cattle are fattened to become steaks and hamburgers.
The caught tuna are transferred to cages in which they are fattened for six or seven months to meet Japanese market standards for ''sushi'' and ''sashimi,'' the report says.
In 2000, the European Union strengthened the ban to prohibit feeding processed animal proteins to farmed animals kept, fattened, or bred to produce food.
This market has developed vocations and the production of fattened tuna in farms has doubled in two years to 21,000 tonnes around the Mediterranean basin, particularly in the Spanish province of Murcia, a practice practically unknown until the 1990s.
The Columbia team found that the activity of macrophage-linked genes increased at a gradual pace initially, as an animal fattened up.
THE US Agriculture Research Service is investigating the extent to which grass-fed free range cattle produce meat that is leaner and more tender than beef from feed-lot fattened animals.
Waugh, who fattened pigs for slaughter, was a supplier to Cheale Meats where the disease was first found on February 19, 2001.
Jeremiah and Amos blasted the idle rich for cheating and oppressing widows and orphans, calling them fattened cows, sleek and bloated with their wealth.