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a rotund individual

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Fatso has experienced a 40 percent growth in subscribers this year--which Berman finds significant in light of the number of video stores that have been closing their doors.
He plays Fatso, a grumpy middle-aged gambler who runs a chip shop and will star alongside Mick Lally, who played Miley in the long-running RTE soap Glenroe.
I rarely had a day in junior high school when I wasn't forced to endure constant bullying, teasing and name-calling: ``Hey, fatso,'' or ``Hi, four-eyes.
In the video, which has had millions of hits on YouTube, Fatso the cat appears to play an electronic keyboard.
Thomson, the antipodean antithesis of Cowdrey, replied: "That's not going to help you Fatso.
And Dr Gillian was the skinny know-it-all who came to save old Fatso from Heart Attack City.
The stuffed animal was sent to the Australian swim team by TV talk show "The Dream" whose switchboard has been jammed by calls from people wanting to buy Fatso.
The stuffed animal was sent to the Australian swim team by the talk show The Dream, and the switchboard at the TV station has received thousands of calls by people wanting to buy Fatso.
Sky, Stretch and Fatso - aka the Ghostly Trio - claim Applegate Manor as their haunting ground, and offer to teach Casper the supernatural tricks of their trade.
The Harvey Classic Brands include Casper, the Friendly Ghost, The Ghostly Trio (Stinkie, Fatso and Stretch), Richie Rich, Bunny, Little Audrey, Baby Huey, Wendy the Witch and many more.
But before he declared romantic war on hand-some Jack, pug faced fatso Phil should have checked the mirror and realised the bald truth.
In between stuffing rolls into his mouth, Fatso the foreman enjoys a good whistle.
The Harvey Classic Character brands include hundreds of characters, such as Casper, the Friendly Ghost, super heroes Spyman and The Pirana; Hot Stuff; The Ghostly Trio: Fatso, Stinkie and Stretch; Bunny (teenage "queen of the in-crowd"); Richie Rich; Baby Huey: Little Audrey: Herman and Katnip and many others.
Even more daft than Queen Vic fatso Phil Mitchell getting hooked on crack.
Fatso, left, fled to Amsterdam after he survived a botched hit on Spain's Costa del Sol in August.