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Synonyms for fatless

without fat or fat solids

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Once converted, there is no going back to scarlet, almost-still-mooing beef from fatless, tasteless continental breeds.
Baked once and stored in tins, fatless, sugarless squares of dough were cooked a second time before being distributed to men about to embark on a sea voyage or land battle.
Contemporary British women are still expected to be submissive and concerned with their appearance, to be ' hairless, fatless and spotless' (Smith and Nairns 126).
Lastly, the arrachera was a very thin, long and fatless slice of meat that was so soft it almost melts in your mouth.
Kim JK, Gavrilova O, Chen Y, Retiman ML, Shulman GL (2000) Mechanism of insulin resistance in A-2JP/F-1 fatless mice.
While we all clamored for fatless food, more of us got fatter and sicker.
I do wish present-day domestic science teachers would tell their young ladies (ohdear, there'llbe letters) that proper beef should be a brownish- purple in colour with a decent amount of fat to ensure succulence and moistness during cooking - not the fatless, bright crimson joints on supermarket shelves.