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Synonyms for fattism

discrimination against people who are overweight

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Yes, it would be a two-fingered salute to all the fatist, sexist, money-grubbing bosses in showbiz if a fat lass took the prize - but she won't.
LESLIE adamantly dismisses publicised stories that her brother is fatist.
Thinking immediately that it was rather hippist as well as bummist and thighist and fatist in general, I semi-seriously asked, "Have you got two copies of the Western Mail because I think I'm going to need extra newsprint to cover my bits and bobs.
Toyota said: "We don't agree that it is sexist or fatist in any way.
Self-confessed fatist Nick Wright, 27, a recruitment consultant from Frimley Green, Surrey, met with Tara Gilmore, 32, a size-18 nanny from Birmingham, at Japanese restaurant Ichizen on Goodge Street, London; Don'tcha just love a happy ending?