fatigue fracture

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fracture resulting from excessive activity rather than a specific injury

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8 provides a more detailed capture of the fatigue fracture surfaces and toughening mechanisms for the 2 wt% and the 10 wt% EP/BCP systems.
Furthermore, the fatigue fracture of the specimen in Figure 11 is an example that cracks do not only initiate in the middle section of the specimen, but also in areas of a larger cross section.
The NTSB's probable cause determination: "The nose landing gear failure as a result of a fatigue fracture of the engine mount nose gear actuator feet in an area detailed in a service bulletin.
Fatigue fracture of a femoral sliding compression screw-plate device after bone union.
The patient had bone support after fracture healing, but insufficient proximal ingrowth led to insufficient support and fatigue fracture at the modular junction despite the presence of proximal bone.
More than 200 lectures and posters cover aluminum alloys from the perspectives of advanced analysis; casting and solidification; corrosion, coatings, and surface properties; fatigue fracture, and creep; joining; mechanical properties; metal plasticity and forming; modeling and simulation; novel processes and materials; phase transformations; refining and recycling; and thermomechanical processing.
Among the topics are the effect of ferroelectric domain on fatigue fracture behavior in piezoelectric ceramics, preparing bismuth copper-based perovskite-type ceramics and their piezoelectric properties, the microstructure of titanium oxide films for dye-sensitized solar cells, absorption characteristics of composite electromagnetic wave absorber made of sendust particles dispersed in a polystyrene resin, controlling the microstructure of potassium niobate porous ceramics and their sensor properties, and the crystallization of tungstenbronze phase and its inelastic light scattering in niobiophosphate-system glass.
The magnitude, frequency, and rate of exposure make the bones less able to store energy, potentially resulting in fatigue fracture.
The investigators are calling this failure mode "Cu lead fatigue fracture.
Paul, who ran a garage with his son, said he strongly suspected the cause of the crash had been a fatigue fracture on a rose joint on the rear suspension, which may have caused the car to veer to one side.
The downside of it is that an individual has a small risk of developing a fatigue fracture.
This may lead to a damage of components due to fatigue and to the fatigue fracture.
This is the first UK compensation claim that I am aware of relating to a Zimmer ZMR hip fatigue fracture.
Five chapters offer research and review studies on real-time fatigue damage monitoring via in situ ultrasonic sensing, multiscale approaches to fatigue crack growth from the debonding of particle/ductile-matrix interfaces, advances in the numerical modeling of fatigue crack closure using finite elements, textural fractography of fatigue fractures, and a novel fractography for investigation of the fatigue fracture process in materials.
The photographs of the fatigue fracture surfaces of the specimens of the melts of the groups 1 and 2 are shown partially in Fig.