fatigue fracture

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fracture resulting from excessive activity rather than a specific injury

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At all relevant times, Defendants knew, or should have known, that the Device which included a titanium modular femoral neck was more prone to fatigue fracture and failure than a device made with a cobalt chromium modular neck," according to the complaint.
This leads to material micro fracture, especially in materials which microscopically contain sharp angled corners that can exacerbate stresses leading to fatigue fracture.
11756 Fatigue fracture and intergranular fracture modes observed 10388 Intergranular fracture path.
Striations are semi-elliptical lines on a fatigue fracture surface that emanate outward from the origin and mark the crack front position with each successive stress cycle.
Federal investigators have determined preliminarily that a metal fatigue fracture in the tail rotor caused the air ambulance to crash March 23 in Griffith Park, killing three firefighters and an 11-year-old girl who was being rushed to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.
This type of stress fracture, called a fatigue fracture, can occur in normal, otherwise healthy bone.
I: Basic fatigue mechanism and evaluation of correlation between the fatigue fracture stress and the size and location of non-metallic inclusions, International Journal of Fatigue 11(5): 291-298.
Fatigue fracture of the inferior pubic ramus following total hip replacement for congenital hip dislocation.
Sharp-eyed park officials noticed that the figure had developed a serious fatigue fracture on its supporting leg and has become unstable.
Surface layer is critical for wear and fatigue fracture.
Such striations were observed on fatigue fracture surface of other polymers and regarded as marks of crack opening and closure during each cycle.
This effect will influence local values of ductility, fracture toughness, fatigue fracture initiation and propagation.
Federal Aviation Administration officials said in a report this week that they are looking into whether a metal fatigue fracture in the helicopter's tail rotor played a role in the helicopter's crash as firefighters were transporting Norma Vides from a Sunland car crash to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles on March 23.
One was asymptomatic, but the other included an implant fatigue fracture in a distally fixed femoral component.