fatigue crack

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a crack in metal resulting from metal fatigue

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MATECH has received a great deal of interest from federal and state agencies, following the passage of the $286 billion Federal Transportation Bill, which included funds to help states evaluate nondestructive methods such as EFS to detect growing fatigue cracks in steel bridges.
The fatigue crack growth rates are generally reduced by the presence of HDPE at low and moderate values of AK, especially when SEBS is added, but the [K.
The testing and analyses discussed will be energy based fatigue crack growth and associated data that are available from fully automated testing systems.
Crack "closure" or "shielding" may also influence the fatigue crack growth rate in hydrogen, compared to nitrogen, which in turn will influence the results in Fig.
Experimental and Micromechanics Analysis on Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior in Sn-Ag Eutectic Solder (Y.
DNV GL has now launched a recommended practice (DNVGL-RP-C210) providing the first international guidance on how to establish a sound basis for in-service inspection planning for fatigue cracks in marine structures.
The fractured surface of fatigue nitrided and nonnitrided samples was examined with a scanning electron microscope to assess the effect of nitriding on fatigue crack initiation and its propagation.
0] in the following calculation for the nucleation life N (cycles), which results in the best agreement between the observed points on the strain-life curve, and the strain-life curve computed (solid curve in bottom right of figure 2) from the fatigue crack growth rate curve r(T) measured in the crack growth experiment:
Several studies have shown that the properties (corrosion resistance, creep resistance, and fatigue crack propagation resistance) improved as the percent of special grain boundaries (3<[SIGMA]<29) increased.
He told a fatal accident inquiry in Aberdeen that he became convinced the aircraft crashed because of a fatigue crack on one of the planetary gears.
A model to predict hydrogen-assisted (HA) fatigue crack growth (FCG) of API pipeline steels has been proposed.
LTI), a full-service materials testing, nondestructive testing and metrology lab, recently introduced fatigue crack growth testing as one of their many mechanical testing services.
Their fatigue resistance strongly depends upon the presence of casting flaws, which significantly reduce fatigue crack initiation life.
Calculations of the probability of fatigue failure should be based on a model of fatigue crack propagation and the processing of the corresponding fatigue test result.
5) reported an order of magnitude reduction in the fatigue crack propagation rate for an epoxy system with the addition of rt0.