fatigue crack

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a crack in metal resulting from metal fatigue

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He was a graduate research assistant in the University's fracture mechanics Sinclair Laboratory in the Mechanical Engineering Department where he used FTA test systems to study variable amplitude fatigue crack growth and aging aircraft as part of damage prognosis systems.
The higher hardness on failed cross sectional area reveals cyclic hardening during fatigue crack propagation.
Points CT3 and CT4 represent another two fatigue crack initiation points.
Therefore the probabilistic method should be one of the feasible analytical approaches for describing short fatigue crack behaviour [2, 6, 7].
This paper proposes a theoretical model based on Walker's propagation law [15] to estimate the quantitative parameter, U, important for the evaluation of the fatigue crack opening stress intensity factor, [K.
Lambert, "A study of the stress ratio effects on fatigue crack growth using the unified two-parameter fatigue crack growth driving force," International Journal of Fatigue, vol.
Laird, "The Influence of metallurgical structure on the mechanisms of fatigue crack propagation," Fatigue Crack Propagation ASTM Special Technical Publication 415, 1967, pp.
For larger [DELTA]K, the associated fatigue crack extension per cycle extends beyond a critical distance, termed the transition crack length.
Their fatigue resistance strongly depends upon the presence of casting flaws, which significantly reduce fatigue crack initiation life.
Calculations of the probability of fatigue failure should be based on a model of fatigue crack propagation and the processing of the corresponding fatigue test result.
For the fatigue crack growth stage, a fracture mechanics analysis is used based on energy release rate.
That was in dependence on the area of a major crack initiation and the main fatigue crack propagation.
Among their topics are analyzing material properties for the numerical simulation of fatigue crack growth under variable amplitude loading, the self-affine crack pattern in filter paper sheets, applying the boundary element method to visco-plastic analysis, corrosion degradation in pipeline carbon steels subject to geothermal plant conditions, surface stress concentration analysis of shot-peened aluminum alloys, the mechanical behavior of ceramic and polymer composites reinforced with volcanic ashes, and a new theoretical approach to the fracture ductility of steels and its relation to microscopy structural characterization.
The work by (Lin and Smith, 1999) describes the finite element (FE) modelling of fatigue crack growth of surface cracked plates, and provides an accurate evaluation of the fatigue life of the structures.
Those issues led Banting to discover research by Altenhof, who had worked with Ford Motor Company in resolving a fatigue crack issue with high-performance aluminium and magnesium road wheels.