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depth finder for determining depth of water or a submerged object by means of ultrasound waves

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Comparison of near-shore (walking) survey data with offshore (boat) data at overlap points was used to calibrate digitized fathometer strip chart data in the Y and Z coordinates.
We were taking on water and, what's more, our depth-finding fathometer was on the fritz, making our proximity to that coral a troubling mystery.
The vehicle could run at constant depth, or it could follow the bottom using a single beam fathometer and a control algorithm to ascend, descend, or slow down to maintain a preset height off the rugged seafloor.
A geophysical survey consisting of a fathometer, side-scan sonar and a sparker survey was conducted by Watson Geophysics.
the navigational fathometer, Doppler speed log) during acoustic data collections.
Onboard instrumentation included a high-precision cesium magnetometer, a fathometer, side-scan sonar and a StrataBox.
The vessel is equipped with wet and dry laboratory space, and features a global positioning system, a digital fathometer and a continuously recording suite of sensors that measure temperature, salinity and other water properties.
Sea surface temperature and bottom depth were recorded manually every 15 minutes by using a hull-mounted electronic temperature sensor and color fathometer, respectively.
Sensitive fathometers became widely used about this time and may have aided skippers in locating schools of pelagic rockfish (Smith, 1979).
Mass aggregations can be detected by standard fathometers used by commercial fishermen, who report that mass aggregations on the sea floor are rare in Monterey Bay.