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Synonyms for fatherly

Synonyms for fatherly

like a father

Synonyms for fatherly

like or befitting a father or fatherhood


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His artless, fatherly experience of her had taught him that she was a taller child in later years -- and had taught him little more.
He was a homely man, but they thought his face quite heavenly when he smiled and said, with a fatherly look at them, "Yes, my dears, I think the little girl will pull through this time.
YESTEDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THInKER ACROSS: 7 Nairobi 9 Ridge 10 Anton 11 Niagara 12 Per 13 Rumoured 16 Fatherly 17 Gnu 19 Rhubarb 21 A-list 22 Means 23 Eastern DOWN: 1 Unhappy 2 Listeria 3 Corn 4 Treasury 5 Idea 6 He-man 8 Innumerable 13 Rehearse 14 Egg-timer 15 Cutting 18 Tramp 20 Utah 21 Also QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Sleeping car 8 Boa 9 Cot 11 Orchard 12 Birth 13 Sty 14 Ear 15 Spaniel 17 Mad 19 Once 21 Ages 23 Veto 25 Baby 27 Tag 29 Machete 31 Inn 34 Bra 36 No-one 37 Tension 38 Keg 39 Tat 40 Loudmouthed 8DA 3850 followed DOWN: 1 Sort 2 Lacy 3 Example 4 Iodine 5 Gable 6 Acre 7 Rota 8 Bosom 10 Three 16 Lot 18 Dab 20 Not 22 Gym 24 Extinct 25 Blink 26 Ghetto 28 Giant 30 Ahead 32 Noel 33 No-go 34 Bite 35 Road
Popping champagne and painting tables black to fulfil their lust, you are here making sure our children feel the fatherly warmth, wuon Oyoo Daktari, I will let you have the children anytime of the day, hata huyu nitazaa nikuletee France apate passport ya huko tikiti babake Nelly atanunua," Akothee wrote.
I'm double some of their ages so you have to be fatherly at some times,'' he said.
Others are written to make you smile and poke fun at fatherly antics and attributes
He proves much kinder on 'MasterChef Junior' where he mentors children aged 8 to 13 and his fatherly instincts take over.
The suspect denied the accusations, claiming he had always treated the girl, his sister's daughter, with fatherly affection and not in a lewd manner.
This whole fatherhood thing still feels weird in general, but it's the whole Father's Day thing that truly epitomizes an altered state of consciousness that forces me look in all fatherly directions.
Seeing my children grow to love the things I do has created a fatherly bond that inspires me to draw characters we all like.
Creepy comments like that are taking fatherly love too far.
In a press statement made to Saudi Press Agency here today, they expressed gratitude and appreciation for the King's visit, pointing out that it reflects a noble fatherly gesture and embodies deepness of cohesion and cordial bonds binding the leader and his loyal people.
Shaikh Nasser thanked His Majesty, RCO's honorary president, for the noble gesture reflecting fatherly care and interest for the registered families, and constant keenness to provide them with the requirements of decent living.
When asked why he molested the victim in the lift, the accused said that he kissed her in a fatherly manner.