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Synonyms for father

Synonyms for father

a first form from which varieties arise or imitations are made

to be the biological father of

Synonyms for father

a male parent (also used as a term of address to your father)

the founder of a family

'Father' is a term of address for priests in some churches (especially the Roman Catholic Church or the Orthodox Catholic Church)

(Christianity) any of about 70 theologians in the period from the 2nd to the 7th century whose writing established and confirmed official church doctrine

a person who holds an important or distinguished position in some organization

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God when considered as the first person in the Trinity

a person who founds or establishes some institution

the head of an organized crime family


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As such, the estimates here may overestimate the positive aspects of new father's attitudes toward fathering.
While most men base their ideas about fathering on their experiences with their own fathers, some may have social fathers or father-figures which stand in contrast to an uninvolved biological father and provide important alternative role models.
Discussions about role models can he tied easily to inquiries about the fathering philosophy young men hope to employ.
What do you believe your fathering philosophy will be if you become a father?
Fagan was responsible for launching Fathering during what most would agree was one of the most contentious and competitive periods in the academic journal arena.
Effects of commitment and psychological centrality on fathering.
Funding for fathering programs and creation of father-friendly environments are essential to increase involvement of non-custodial fathers.
Despite these challenges, these studies forged ahead and are yielding data that have the potential to improve our understanding of how these men father and how their fathering influences children's development.
Anthropologist Barry Hewlitt' s (1991) work on Aka Pygmy fathers also suggests that the evolution of male-female social and sexual relationships across history is a principal factor that affects the nature and content of fathering.