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Synonyms for fatherhood

the kinship relation between an offspring and the father

God when considered as the first person in the Trinity

the status of a religious leader

the status of a father

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So he decided to join Project Fatherhood - a nine-month course in which fathers are taught how to care for and relate to their kids.
Whatever your age, they want to talk to you about your own experiences of fatherhood, the struggle of bringing up your own children and how all of this has shaped up your life.
Operating under a deadline that allowed HHS 7 months to award grants, HHS shortened its existing process to award Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood grants to public and private organizations.
The National Fatherhood Initiative said the award recognises American for its television commercial entitled "Global Scope", which depicts a father using his AAdvantage miles to take his young daughter with him to London for a business meeting.
Recognizing that Vichy's struggle "to reconcile paternal power and governmental authority" is readily taken as a marker for "the apotheosis of reactionary measures to reinstate fatherhood as the litmus test of good citizenship" Childers highlights, instead, that in its efforts to refashion the symbols of state control over "nothing less than the nature of government, the shape of the modern family, and the future of the nation," that Vichy's contradictory policies undermined the authority of the same fathers it sought to support (4, 3, 9, 89).
The impact fatherhood has on men's commitment to work has also traditionally been overplayed, the study claimed.
The artwork they produced that day at Winlaton West Lane Primary School back in October formed part of a touring Family Man exhibition and now, during North East Fatherhood Week, the dads will be honoured with certificates for their work at a showcase at the MetroCentre in Gateshead.
Now, a new molecules-to-behavior analysis links particularly dutiful fatherhood in these hamster-size rodents to a stretch of DNA that scientists once dismissed as meaningless junk.
Anna Gavanas, Fatherhood Politics in the United States: Masculinity, Sexuality, Race and Marriage.
The Relationship and Fatherhood Survey 2004 polling 2, 000 expectant parents, for Pregnancy & Birth Magazine, also revealed almost a quarter of pregnant women were bringing a child into the world knowing they would most likely be a single mother -- 13% did not think their current relationship would last, while 10% were already single.
The debate has pitted fathers' rights activists against advocates for marriage and "responsible fatherhood.
The Fatherhood Development curriculum comprises five modules: personal development, life skills, fatherhood, relationships, and health and sexuality.
I believe that if more men [were] exposed to resources that are positive and understanding, [they would] accept the wonderful challenge of fatherhood.
In addition to Symons's having to juggle fatherhood with film production, another problem was the fact that Zachary's foster mom was a devout Christian, initially reluctant to give him up to two gay dads who live near San Francisco.
He will be speaking at the Land of Our Fathers conference, organised by Fatherhood Wales.