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Synonyms for fatherhood

the kinship relation between an offspring and the father

God when considered as the first person in the Trinity

the status of a religious leader

the status of a father

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At the BCS Fatherhood Program's "Barbershop Dad Talk," a group of non-custodial fathers had conversations about their experiences with fatherhood.
Some researchers call this private fatherhood in contrast to the public fatherhood of professional men, who engage with children during public events such as recitals, games, or school events but do little hands-on care.
In addition, the brand is partnering with the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI), supporting its commitment to teaching more men the importance of fatherhood and uplifting those who may not have had a strong father figure themselves.
Applicable in classrooms and treatment situations, Fatherhood in America bridges the gap between research and practice through chapters authored by some of the country's foremost fatherhood scholars and clinicians by offering fresh perspectives and keen insights borne out of field experience working with fathers.
The National Conversation on Responsible Fatherhood and Strong Communities focuses on fatherhood and at-risk youth.
Fatherhood, it said, despite its huge importance, faces several challenges as the law and society treat fathers as second-class parents, "a perception reproduced and perpetuated through various means".
In particular, conceptions of fatherhood have undergone a restructuring that is reflected in both mainstream ideologies, as well as the burgeoning discipline of men's studies and its focus on men's roles as fathers (Andrews, Luckey, Bolden, Whiting-Fickling, & Lind, 2004; Eggebeen & Knoester, 2001).
Fathers in Cultural Context is a comprehensive collection from many authors researching fatherhood in various cultures.
Therefore, much data regarding the Fatherhood in the Adolescence (FA) are difficult to be interpreted due to the fact that the information was provided by the partners, not providing the male perspective and the family circumstances in which adolescents are inserted (1,3).
The New Father: A Dad's Guide to the First Year should be a gift to any new father with a new child, and provides a month-by-month handbook on all aspects of fatherhood during the first year.
Morgan Freeman, who played legendary roles in Hollywood films, regret focusing too much on pursuing his acting career and perfecting his acting chops that fatherhood did not immediately change him.
The scientific study of fatherhood has received insufficient attention in the research literature.
Fatherhood is changing, influenced by diverse family practices and formations, which challenge the male breadwinner/female home-carer division of labour.
She theorizes paternal postfeminist melancholia as the dominant affective register of the male melodrama of postfeminist fatherhood, but also addresses the variety of other formations of postfeminist fatherhoods in contemporary American popular cinema, including post-9/11 avenging fatherhood, fatherhood as a means to negotiate the implied physical decline and social obsolescence of aging, fatherhood as a means of transcending troubling dimensions of immature masculinity, and contrasting "ghettocentric" versus deracinated discourses of African American fatherhood.
New Delhi, November 23 ( ANI ): Manoj Bajpai has said that fatherhood in real life is a completely different experience as it is more challenging.