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a man (often a powerful or influential man) who arouses emotions usually felt for your real father and with whom you identify psychologically

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Curious to know more about his role as Paul Walker's father-figure, IGN asked Kurt Russell to shed light on his role.
Reportedly, he will be a father-figure to Vin Diesel's character but is he a good influence or bad one is not yet revealed.
Specifically, this research examines men's experiences with their own father (measured through the coresidence of a biological father, the presence of a father-figure and men's perceptions of their biological father's involvement in raising them) and how they relate to new father's attitudes toward fathering (measured as the centrality of fathering over career, the importance of fathers for sons relative to daughters, and the importance of direct involvement in childrearing vs.
When fathers disappear or withdraw, men often lose a same-sex role model on which to model their own parenting behaviors (Furstenberg and Weiss, 2000), though they may have had a father-figure in the form of a stepfather, male relative, or other influential person such as a minister or coach (Berger, Carlson, Bzostek, & Osborne, 2008; Bzostek, 2008; Bzostek, McLanahan, & Carlson, 2010), and these men can serve as role models as well.
Men with a social father or father-figure may hold more favorable attitudes toward fathering than men without a father-figure, as they may have had an opportunity to see father-like behaviors and thus use their experiences with social fathers as a contrast for their own father's perceived inadequacies.
Hypothesis 2: There would be no differences among those with uninvolved and those with very involved fathers, though there may be more favorable attitudes among those with a father-figure relative to those without a father-figure.
If the compensatory hypothesis is correct, then there would be no differences by father involvement, though possibly men with a father-figure would have more positive attitudes than men without a father-figure or coresidential father.
FEI encourages fathers and father-figures to volunteer at schools throughout the year and to take their children to school for the first week of school.
Currin loves mismatched couples, as in his pictures of Junior Miss girls holding hands with father-figure men.
On a non-stop party flight to Sydney, we manage to get Herman into a un-named clothing company private party held on the very gay main street of Sydney, where he was assigned to be very profesional and a very straight father-figure.
But the American father-figure template includes many different roles, and Ashcroft has filled more than a few during his public life.
Hertzberger is the pre-eminent father-figure of contemporary Dutch architecture.
At this time, we were talking about [my character] possibly going into a future episode as a sort of father-figure to Vin and Paul's character- or possibly die in Fast and Furious 7.
I think Peter Schmeichel will be a father-figure for Kasper.
Because of his high profile and likeable nature, he'd become a bit of a father-figure to some of the younger inmates.