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a man who takes over all the functions of the real father

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Turtle, but wise Told rat above, is the foursome's adopted father figure who instructs them in the ways of the 6 6SHREDDER THE Turtles' 6arch enemy T arch enemy wears a suit of armour vaguely based on a Japanese samurai.
Jackson's doctor said that the King of Pop was a friend and he touched him in so many ways that he felt like a father figure to the star and he felt as though he protected Jackson all the time.
She said: " I saw Mr McArthur as a father figure because I didn't have a father figure of my own.
com, "He (Kurt Russell) plays the cool guy that we've never had looking out for us in the past", adding "Kind of like the father figure.
Jason says: "One thing's for sure, Father Figure will have something for everyone, everywhere, somehow.
Jason says: "I play the Father Figure in the title, Tom Whyte.
He might be confident in his stand-up, but admits to being slightly nervous about Father Figure airing.
I'm not saying I can be a father figure - I don't think I'm that age yet
8220;This essay contest is a wonderful opportunity for kids to express how they feel about their father or father figure.
DALLAS actor Jesse Metcalfe says he has found a father figure in his co-star Patrick Duffy.
So, it is the day to make one's daddy, and all the other men who have played the father figure in one's life - say grandpa, stepfather and even elder brother, feel really special.
The majority of participants (89%) were the biological father of the child, but 6% were the child's stepfather, and 5% were some other type of father figure to the child.
the primary effect is the creation of a very peculiar father figure in a variety of narrative forms across five centuries.
Since his father had always bailed him out before but wasn't going to for this "adventure," he went looking for a father figure to bless his Iraq adventure and even take charge of it.