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Synonyms for confessor

one in whom secrets are confided

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a priest who hears confession and gives absolution

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someone who confesses (discloses information damaging to themselves)

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Orthodox Christian father confessor Trader combines ascetic literature and modern psychology to help people living in monasteries and people struggling with contemporary life.
You have to be a financial advisor, a medical analyst, a father confessor, a psychiatrist, and a confidant.
I stoically endured the role of Father Confessor for a good few months.
He was a bit like a father confessor for the council.
In the second scene, Hamlet listens to Claudius's penitential prayer and becomes, as Mark Thornton Burnett notes, "an unpunctual but unconsoling father confessor.
Christian Marc Paul contributed an attractive Marquis de la Force, Christophe Berry a moving Father Confessor and Andre Heyboer a great jailer.
Staupitz for a long time had been characterized as the superior and father confessor of Martin Luther.
Then our national political deity, Father Confessor Anthony, gravely unleashed the general election campaign -- although mindful to appear benevolent by occasionally flashing his pearly gnashers.
For those who celebrate the sexual revolution, the doctor was the ultimate father confessor, listening patiently to the nation's sex history, then improving on absolution by declaring that almost none of it was a sin after all.
Johnny was at his best sitting at his desk playing Father Confessor to an odd array of regulars.
Despite Ursula Peters's iconoclastic and seminal book (1988), the paradigm of the patriarchal relationship of the learned father confessor with his mystically inspired spiritual daughter is still commonly invoked as the generative influence in the holy woman's literary production.