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salt pork from the back of a hog carcass

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My kids draw the line at fatback, though my daughter did make red beans and rice with sausage.
In vegetables, especially black-eyed peas and greens, the flavor from the traditional bacon or fatback can be replaced with raise and olive oil.
Again I took dietary histories and got the same stories: fatback, cornbread, sorghum, grits, soda pop, maybe an apple a week or so.
Fatback proclaimed that he hated all things new--new things were dangerous--so the Shmoo had to be eliminated.
Hence a setlist that includes the song to which he lost his virginity (The Fatback Band's I Found Lovin'), his favourite club anthem (Yarbrough & Peoples hit Don't Stop The Music) and Donna Summer's floor-filling I Feel Love.
DISTORTED guitars, fatback drums, pumping bass and even Jamaican steel drums - these are the instruments you can expect to hear at a Naturally 7 concert.
Exhausted by the "ceaseless drudgery which composed her days" and the violence heaped upon her by Mink's father, she had taken to her bed, no longer able to eat the tenant farmer's standard fare of fatback, coarse meal and molasses: "'I cant eat hit,' she whimpered.
Muscles became one of the country's top soul acts, with a couple of near-smash hits and international tour supports with the Fatback Band, KC and the Sunshine Band, the Commodores, Kool and the Gang, Ohio Players, Tower of Power and Gloria Gaynor.
From a bag that he was carrying on a shoulder strap Heniek extracted a vodka bottle filled with water and half a loaf of bread along with some sliced fatback, supposed to be his lunch, which he offered his parents.
Pop posers: 1 Milk And Alcohol; 2 The Real Slim Shady; 3 2000; 4 Gloria Estefan; 5 All I Have To Do Is Dream; 6 Fatback Band; 7 Foreigner; 8 Freddie And The Dreamers; 9 Gabrielle; 10 Gay Dad.
Instead, I learned about buttermilk, cornbread and fried fatback while eating tender pulled pork in a sweet barbeque sauce.
In a large stockpot, bring the water and fatback to a boil over medium heat and cook for 10 minutes.
After we'd everything stowed we went to Allen's kitchen full of the smells of perking coffee, frying fatback and homemade, toasted bread.
He notes how these players combine their mastery in free jazz style and technique with diverse elements of the black musical tradition--from Swing to African folk rhythms, from Southside fatback blues to gospel.
Featuring the voices of the elfin Cara Dillon and Kathryn Roberts, backed by the gifted Lakeman clan (pianist Sam, violinist Seth and guitarist Sean), bass guitarist Darren Edwards, and drummer Darren Altman of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, Let Him Cry and Wake Up, co-written by Dillon, and Cloths Of Heaven, an adaptation of the poem by WB Yeats, would not be out of place on Cara's own Rough Trade album, while Ann Briggs' Song OfThe Well is blessed by funky organ and fatback drums.