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salt pork from the back of a hog carcass

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My kids draw the line at fatback, though my daughter did make red beans and rice with sausage.
When his deal with Stax went sour, Wexler needed another rhythm section that could play fatback.
Experimental, even quirky, this literary work requires dedication and effort of the reader in order to comprehend it, for its near-stream-of-consciousness technique can be puzzling to the uninitiated: "Onion and fatback.
Here, he references his own past while luxuriating in the fatback funk and taut soundscapes laid out before him.
Alexandra tottered on her heels between the snowdrifts, bearing plates of pickled watermelon, salt-cured slabs of fatback pork and a steaming jug of ukha fish broth, which is reputed to prevent hangovers.
As a fifth generation Alabamian who was raised in the Deep South tradition of cooking vegetables with bacon or fatback, and frying the dickens out of meats, I wanted to expand upon the answer your publication gave.
Whenever he played the song for her, she'd dash into the kitchen and appear moments later with a bounty of grapes and salted fatback.
s regular folk line the sidewalks in front of this small, cinder block joint for soul-infused specialties like turkey wings with homemade stuffing, mountainous portions of collards and perfect pork chops smothered in thick gravy, plus old-school favorites like a fatback breakfast platter.
Someone would tell me "I had fatback and cornbread and clay dirt and sago starch and sorghum" and so on.
It is made with grated potatoes, eggs, flour, bacon or fatback, and possibly grated onion.
Roaringham Fatback, the pork king, noticed his sales had dropped to nothing in Dogpatch, he met with Brewster McRewster, the czar of the egg industry, who confirmed a similar crisis in his industry.
Hence a setlist that includes the song to which he lost his virginity (The Fatback Band's I Found Lovin'), his favourite club anthem (Yarbrough & Peoples hit Don't Stop The Music) and Donna Summer's floor-filling I Feel Love.
DISTORTED guitars, fatback drums, pumping bass and even Jamaican steel drums - these are the instruments you can expect to hear at a Naturally 7 concert.