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While the number of workplace fatalities was similar for both self-employed workers and wage and salary workers in the occupation, self-employed workers faced a fatality rate more than 5 times greater than the fatality rate for wage and salary workers.
We re-estimated Garber and Graham's model but changed the dependent variable to the statewide fatality rate.
2) Our main finding is that the interaction between altitude and alcohol consumption may have a pronounced effect on traffic fatalities and largely explains the disproportionate fatality rates found in western regions of the United States.
However, the drop in fatality rates in Wisconsin since it enacted a nighttime speed limit law argues for nighttime speed limit laws being considered in states that do not yet have them.
According to an estimate published in June by the nonprofit organization Trust for America's Health, even a pandemic strain with a fatality rate of about 20 percent could kill half-a-million people in the United States and send 2 million more to the hospital.
As for the safest industries, finance, service, retail trade, government and manufacturing all ranked below the average fatality rate.
The differences in fatality rates from state to state show that much more can be done to improve policies to more consistently prevent deaths among teen drivers and their passengers," said Chris Mullen, director of Technology Research, Strategic Resources at State Farm Insurance.
Thus, a fatality rate can be produced for a group of workers, for example, by hours of exposure or for those employed during a given day, week, month, or year.
Department of Transportation, the truck-involved fatality rate fell to 1.
Human infection with this organism results in systemic and severe disease with a high fatality rate (1).
Highway 138 is known for its high fatality rate and CHP officers have stepped up enforcement of speeding and no-passing zone laws.
Ovarian cancer's high fatality rate stems in part from the difficulty of detecting the disease and monitoring its spread.
In addition to the fatality rate, the truck occupant fatality rate fell more than 17% to 0.
The traffic fatality rate in Los Angeles County has fallen by nearly half since 1989, and last year its freeways and streets were safer as a whole than the state's, according to newly released state figures.
Last year the fatality rate for Scotland's self-employed was 3.