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Synonyms for fatality


Synonyms for fatality

a termination of life, usually as the result of an accident or a disaster

the quality or condition of causing death

Synonyms for fatality

a death resulting from an accident or a disaster

the quality of being able to cause death or fatal disasters

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On the provincial level, Sindh and KP witnessed a sharp decline in the number of fatalities from violence.
The more than 3-percent decline in traffic fatalities continues a long-term downward trend leading to the fatality rate matching a historic low--1.
Statistics released by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) indicate that pedestrian fatalities dropped from 9.
In 2013 there were thirty-two occupationally related fatalities reported in Alaska, with the majority of these coming from the expected industries: agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, and transportation, using preliminary data provided by the BLS.
As the Texas Tribune reported in its Hurting For Work series this summer, Texas has led the nation in worker fatalities for seven of the last 10 years.
Road accident fatalities among Omanis also dropped by 17.
Car accidents have become so common that we barely think about them, unless they involve relatives or close friends, or involve a large number of cars and fatalities.
Among the fatalities, 2,264 were people aged 65 or older, accounting for 51.
BEIRUT: The number of car accidents fell in 2012 but the number of fatalities increased, according to Interior Minister Marwan Charbel.
Things continue to look dreary in the state, as the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety reported an uptick in auto fatalities in March 2012.
But there have been at least five workplace fatalities thus far in 2012, and that is no cause for celebration, said Mark MacKenzie, president of the AFL-CIO in New Hampshire.
asserts that beer drinkers are most likely to drive drunk and get involved in driving fatalities than wine or scotch drinkers.
California received $76 million from the federal government to support traffic safety grants in hopes that the state will continue its trend of decling traffic fatalities.
Washington, Mar 9 (ANI): A new research from North Carolina State University has revealed that closely contested major sporting events are followed by a significant increase in traffic fatalities for fans of the winning team.
campaign to reduce Fatalities from last february's toll of 30