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a submissive mental attitude resulting from acceptance of the doctrine that everything that happens is predetermined and inevitable

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a philosophical doctrine holding that all events are predetermined in advance for all time and human beings are powerless to change them

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The usual life, night and day," one remarked fatalistically as the first payload of bombs, jettisoned from the Antonov's cargo ramp, detonated in a wadi several hundred metres away.
Ought one fatalistically accept an identity that is inscribed by a powerful other, over another that is offered us by historians who have kept some touch with our pre-colonial definition?
Lucy fatalistically accepts her role as sacrificial victim inheriting the sins of the father/s.
This sense of innovation casts him as the genuine reformer of the Classical Renaissance tradition over and against Marino's sense of passivity of the hero: Adone fatalistically confronts the burden of the past and the stifling heaviness of the esthetic relics re-collected in the museum, and he ultimately surrenders to it, as his epic poem Adone (superbly) exemplifies.
This is the one universal indicator that shouts almost fatalistically for every surge, there will follow a more severe plunge.
Ahead of the show, he fatalistically said: "I always get the best response in Liverpool and Manchester; vociferous is probably the best word.
The Turks, they think, will fatalistically accept any snub.
These are worlds in which structures symbolise control and oppression but, while the protagonists seem to fatalistically accept, and work with, the givens, they are also in continual battle with their environment, and there are even a few critical voices.
For Rodrigues and other experts, what is most needed-and what is happening gradually-is a paradigm shift: a major change in public attitudes from viewing traffic deaths and injuries fatalistically to understanding that many things can be done to prevent them.
She was assassinated yesterday for standing courageously, perhaps fatalistically, on the right side of both lines.
Fatalistically assuming there's no way out, he allows himself to hope when Dengler starts planning the escape.
She replied, fatalistically, that there was nothing anyone could do and made it clear that she didn't want to talk about it anymore.
This step helps us realize that "You Are Now Entering the Human Heart" is far from fatalistically deploring the fact that the human heart is invariably dirty because it will always choose the path of fear rather than love.
Before we fatalistically fall into the perspective that a sane, Christian country on earth is an exercise in futility, let us reflect on the Dark Ages, before we fall into our own: the barbaric Goths were converted to Catholicism and built the Gothic cathedrals