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of or relating to fatalism


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What more reasons are needed for the UK to wake up, from the Prime Minister to the fatalistic man in the street?
Northup documents the relationship between television use and unhealthy food consumption in the study, “Understanding the Relationship Between Television Use and Unhealthy Eating: The Mediating Role of Fatalistic Views of Eating Well and Nutritional Knowledge.
Individuals who watch more TV have a more fatalistic view toward eating well and tend to think that nutrition is too difficult to understand.
It goes without saying that people with cardiovascular diseases should be wary of participating in strenuous activities, especially when recovering from something as fatalistic as a heart attack.
SIR - I am pleased to hear Dr John Etherington (Letters, Oct 30) now appears to accept the reality of man-made climate change, but he is fatalistic and defeatist in thinking we can do nothing about the situation because we only contribute only 2% of total world CO2, but fails to mention our per person emissions are amongst the highest in the world.
We had foolishly become fatalistic and had not sheltered during a bombing raid.
The coexisting psychiatric and addictive conditions and life circumstances of homeless smokers have long fueled a fatalistic attitude among health care professionals toward addressing tobacco use in this population," the authors wrote.
This current squeeze on school nursing almost doesn't bear thinking about and is too stressful to contemplate, so I am having to be quite fatalistic about the outcome.
All have learnt that media interest following a disappearance wanes, and that a fatalistic public is too often prepared to bury their loved ones, even if they themselves are not.
As a 15yo at the time, the author noticed the rising restiveness among some people, particularly her father who was becoming increasingly resentful of the restrictions on their basic human rights and fatalistic about the actions he and his comrades were planning.
This volume describes the harsh Northern climate and how it contributed to the fierce, fatalistic belief system of the Norse.
Now their system has imploded they are not so keen to be fatalistic.
But all eyes will be on English National Batlet's Yonah Acosta (2012 "25 to Watch"), performing Petit's fatalistic Le Jeune Homme et la Mort with Jia Zhang.
At the Stone Rose Lounge after-party, Olsen said, "I just have a very fatalistic imagination, so you kind of just let your imagination go wild at the beginning.
And to be a little fatalistic about it - he who pays the piper calls the tune.