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Synonyms for fatalist

anyone who submits to the belief that they are powerless to change their destiny

of or relating to fatalism


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If so, Dionysus has rewarded his devotees with the gift they've been seeking, the sweet oblivion of limits accepted and conflicts tactfully, tacitly avoided, the fatalist calm of those content to sit "by a cyderpress, with patient look" and "watch the last oozing hours by hours.
The fatalist in every Scot hating every minute of it, knowing we're at our worst when anything but underdogs.
Asked why she doesn't employ security or keep a low profile even after Taseer's assassination, Abdullah said, "I am a fatalist.
Instead it flew out for a corner and a fatalist might have guessed that was going to be a pivotal moment.
Tevye is played by Liverpool's own Joe McGann who gives his own version of a role made famous by Topol a more subdued interpretation, a quiet fatalist mostly ready to accept what life throws at him.
I was a fatalist, I thought if anything hits us, I hope to God it's right where I am.
Similarly, Heidegger is not a fatalist about technology, because the nihilist ontotheology underlying the "age of technology" is no more substantive than that of any other epoch, and this paradigm's hold on us can be resisted through action (in this connection, however, Thomson quotes Hubert Dreyfus, not Heidegger: p.
Auster's prose understands that to be a true classicist is to be a true fatalist.
Liddiard, who had set out from the start of the year to win some black type, said: "I was gutted at Goodwood, but I'm a fatalist who believes everything happens for a reason, so I knew his day would come.
We've worked so hard to get shot of the natural fatalist in all of us, the voice in our head that tells us not to build our hopes up.
Solomon's project is twofold: to characterize Nietzsche's affirmative virtue ethics (as superior to Kantian or Christian morality), and to defend Nietzsche against common moral criticisms, for example, that he is an elitist, a nihilist, a relativist, a proponent of cruelty and delight in suffering, a biological determinist and/or a fatalist, who precludes the possibility of personal responsibility or the cultivation of virtue.
There is a fatalist air about them that other sides sense and Rugby caught the drift and joyfully capitalised.
But like the fatalist drivers of India who fly at oncoming traffic in ludicrous over taking man oeuvres believing accidents are pre-destined anyway, Phil reckons the world is on the brink of recession/depression/or another-phrase-neither-of-us-quite under stands and there's now we can do about it.
Being a fatalist, I always felt that a relationship runs for the duration that it's meant to run.
I am not being fatalist, but there are things you cannot control.