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Synonyms for fatalist

anyone who submits to the belief that they are powerless to change their destiny

of or relating to fatalism


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The government should draw more from the fatalist lens and, in so doing, develop cross-sectoral networks focusing more on supply chains than on sectors.
To control for the degree to which individuals believe their actions influence overall environmental quality, we include the variable FATALIST that equals one if the individual strongly agrees or agrees that it is "difficult for somebody like me to do much about the environment.
Shall we be destroyed because of ancient fatalist political mind control bolstered by absurd threats of eternal damnation?
Listen I am not a fatalist but- we are a culmination of the choices that we have made in the past and the choices that have been made on our behalf.
The fatalist parrot / No longer screams warnings to Avenue A and Insane, B.
Although we typically see these characteristics as post-modern, they are also hallmarks of the Enlightenment, and in this regard Beatrice and Virgil calls to my mind no one more than the Denis Diderot of such playful narrative puzzles as Jacques the Fatalist or This Is Not a Story (whereas Life of Pi seems more of a conte philosophique a la Voltaire).
Oddly, the 'sheik' is a fatalist in a country whose people had defeated the American invaders and were taking back their country from them.
Had Leicester had 16 men on, we would have complained a lot about the injustice of it all and talked endlessly about how hard we had been done by: but at the end of the day we would probably have shrugged our fatalist, forgiving shoulders and let it go at that.
The fatalist is unable to pray because there is for him no air of possibility in which to breathe a word, only the silent gasp of despair.
For the particular benefit of the international relations classroom, the book's analysis includes many authoritative and readable tours through developments in the field, such as the theoretical disagreements and negotiations that generated theories of collective security, functionalism, and security communities, not to mention the evolution and final distillation of fatalist logic into offensive realism.
Or do we take the more fatalist approach of Robert Merton, the Harvard economist who appears in Ferguson's retelling of the collapse of the Long-Term Capital Management hedge fund, and accept that in an innovative, free-market economy, entrepreneurs will inevitably outpace regulators?
Conee establishes a foundation for fatalist doctrine by using Aristotle's Sea Battle case.
I'm a fatalist, although I would rather death came as a shock to me.