fatal accident

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an accident that causes someone to die

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Modernising the process around Fatal Accident Inquiries is something I gave a commitment on, and a Bill will be introduced within the lifetime of this Parliament.
According to the TPP's statistics, 19 people who caused fatal accidents had their licences suspended during 2013's first quarter compared with seven in 2014.
There were 11 fatal accidents, up from eight, resulting in the deaths of 169 passengers and crew, compared to an annual average for the last decade of 88.
Of them, 41 were fatal accidents, the institute said.
Police appeal for witnesses to the fatal accident on Wednesday in Bilton Road
We believe a Fatal Accident Inquiry should now take place so lessons can be learned and questions asked of HSE's equipment inspection protocols.
decided to withdraw from the nuclear fuel processing businesses after a fatal accident there 5 years ago.
Unveiling the annual fatal accident figures at the Royal Show in Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, yesterday, the Health and Safety Executive said family farmers were taking too many risks, with often fatal results.
Mitsubishi Motors allegedly lied to police over 2002 fatal accident
The 45-year-old was arrested with Bosnian Emin Durakovic, 40, after the fatal accident in the city of Kukes on Monday morning.
The latest fatal accident in the county happened on the A171 near Whitby at lunchtime yesterday.
She trained with McAuliffe, a New Hampshire educator, and the Challenger crew until the fatal accident.
If you experience the anxiety described above, you're more likely to become an aggressive driver--and a serious or fatal accident may not be far off.
In his challenging book Fatal Accidents, the author, in order to explain this paradox, proposes a model of human behaviour in which the reduction in fatal accident rates results from a development of skill, such that the population becomes progressively more adept at avoiding mishaps.
A MUM freed on appeal over the death of her baby son lied to a health visitor over a bust-up with her own mother, a fatal accident inquiry heard yesterday.