fatal accident

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an accident that causes someone to die

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Hundreds of passenger coaches leave for Karachi daily from Quetta but due to the reckless driving of some drivers fatal accidents are on the rise on the Quetta-Karachi highway.
He claims Iowas law requiring the surviving driver in a fatal accident to remain at the scene until police arrive is unconstitutional.
In addition to having fled the scene of the fatal accident, Soules has been accused of being drunk when it occurred.
Ian O'Prey, whose son Mark died in the tragedy in November 2013, said he was now worried he wouldn't live to see a fatal accident inquiry being held.
The groups mainly concentrated on analyzing representative accidents and developing non-regulatory recommendations--"safety enhancements"--designed to reduce LOC fatal accidents.
Fatal accident inquiries are ordered in about 60 of those cases.
Manama-June20(BNA)The fatal accident which happened this morning on Shaikh Khalifa bin SalmanHighway has prompted the Works Ministry to launch an inquiry into the causes of the horror crash.
WORCESTER- A driver charged in a fatal accident last year at Franklin and Grafton streets pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Tuesday morning in Worcester Superior Court.
In EASA member states [ETH] the EUOs 27 members plus Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland, there was just one fatal accident involving a commercial plane in Ireland in February 2011, in which six people died.
The fatal accident rate for commercial planes over 2002 to 2011 showed that there was an average of slightly over one fatal accident per million departures in any year, peaking in 2002 when there were four fatal accidents.
Summary: A police investigation has been launched at a Jaguar Land Rover factory after a fatal accident.
To get a fatal accident rate, I divided the total number of airplanes by accidents and was disturbed to find that one out of 56 Cirrus airplanes have been in fatal accidents.
The NNA said the driver of the truck sped away from the scene following the fatal accident
The fatal accident rate worsened "from about one per 1.
Motorcycle fatal accident is defined as at least one motorcyclist died on the event of road accidents [2].