fata morgana

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a mirage in the Strait of Messina (attributed to the Arthurian sorcerer Morgan le Fay)

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The same thought process has been applied to the Fata Morgana, which will power clean surfaces without the use of harsh, damaging chemicals.
Fata Morgana, which has been available in Europe for about a year, carries a suggested retail price of $995 here.
Younger children will love Dream Flight, a spiralling trip through Fairyland, or the spectacular boat ride through the enclosed depths of the forbidden city of Fata Morgana, complete with snapping crocs, exotic belly-dancers and musket-wielding Arabian pirates.
Entering the forbidden city of Fata Morgana, you will embark on a journey of excitement and adventure.
He is the author of five volumes of poetry, all published by the University of Pittsburgh Press: Fata Morgana (2007), Otherhood (2003), Wrong (1999), Angel, Interrupted (1996), and Some Are Drowning (1994), winner of the 1993 Associated Writing Programs' Award in Poetry.
Drawing upon a diversity of sources from personal experience to history, mythology, politics, and natural science, Fata Morgana delves into the mutual effects conception, perception, the self, and a physical and social world have upon one another.
Throw into this mix a good sorcerer, Tchelio (Willard White), an evil sorcerer, Fata Morgana (executed with campy aplomb by Canadian dramatic soprano Anna Shafajinskaia), a series of stock commedia dell' arte characters, a chorus of intrigued and interfering onlookers and three large oranges, each containing a dying princess, and you have a complex, kaleidoscopic phantasmagoria unique in the annals of opera.
The catalogue essay, written with frankness and passion, does not overlook his occasional disappointments, such as his failure to acquire Giambologua's Fata Morgana at a Christie's sale of garden ornaments in 1989, or the Government's obtuse decision in 1987 to allocate a major Constable, Stratford Mill, to the National Gallery, London rather than to Edinburgh, where it would have greatly enhanced the display of English art.
Instead of going ahead with a dangerous fata morgana of a European Union stretching from Portugal to the borders of Iraq, one should offer Turkey membership in the European Economic Area: here Norway, Liechtenstein, and Ireland have joined the European Union in a special way of useful regional cooperation.
Mark also comments, "Whether we think of Morgana as alluding to Morgan Le Fay, the Celtic Goddess Morrigana, or the Fata Morgana [a mirage], the name has definite feminine origins.
The mysterious location of Fata Morgana (it's at the back of an enclosed courtyard) only adds to the temptation of shopping there.
It is not without reason that Herzog has described the film as a work of science-fiction, an interesting observation for a so-called documentary, and one which implicitly seems to cue it in as a companion piece to his 1971 docu-poem Fata Morgana.