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a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

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So how come guys with big muscles are invariably fat-headed losers?
His fat-headed disciples, who are bobbing up everywhere at the minute, are not something I would normally waste good newsprint on but it was all thrown into a sharp and even angry focus in my mind last weekend when I went to the Greenbelt Arts Festival at Cheltenham racecourse.
I had not recovered from wondering how the Belgian authorities could permit Tatchell's haughty and fat-headed behaviour on a visiting head of state, when barely 24 hours later, a spokesman for Zimbabwe's opposition MDC party, Fidelis Mhashu was begging for "material support from Britain.
We hope that the mere threat of it will be enough to bring the fat-headed, fat cat bankers to their senses.
Now, when I was fat-headed enough to query the wisdom of allowing a 15,000sq ft superstore in a community like Pwllheli, I was was accused of "sexing up" the story and that I should check my facts.
The meat of the border comprises of tall spires such as red hot pokers, fat-headed lupins, scarlet crocosmias and eryngiums.
Particularly if when he gets the top job, he has to deal with someone as definitively fat-headed as education secretary Charles Clarke.
All of us, it seems, except the fat-headed leaders of the Fire Brigades Union.
Our modern secret service consists of fat-bodied and fat-headed people like Shayler.
By owning a powerful, aggressive animal with the name of a fighter, the fat-headed owners believe that makes them big, tough and manly.
Because fat-headed Jack Straw, who's given up trying to control crime, thought he could get a few cheap headlines talking tough to desperate fuel protesters.
Jephson is just another fat-headed exploiter looking to earn a few bucks.