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without fat or fat solids

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SLIM PICKINGS Gareth and his fat-free square sausage
Some recipes utilize shortcuts like reduced-sodium and fat-free organic broths, reduced-sodium canned tomatoes and even puff pastry filo dough and trans-fat-free cookies in small amounts for convenience.
With: new fat-free Breakstone's, Light `n' Lively, Friendship, 1 percent cottage Cheese, pot cheese, farmer cheese.
Change Vermont's license to "Live fat-free or diet.
For someone who just has to have cream cheese in his gelatin or sour cream on his baked potato, the fat-free products appear to be a reasonable option," indicates Joann Hattner, a registered dietitian at Stanford University Medical Center and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.
If a frozen yogurt, for example, truthfully claims to be 96 percent fat-free," the six grams of fat it contains in one serving is three times the amount that the FDA allows in a "low-fat" food.
We have been working for more than two years to identify trans fat-free cooking oils," said Schaufelberger.
Fat Free Half & Half is not exactly a dead ringer for the real thing, but it sure beats fat-free milk in your coffee.
Danone has relaunched Shape yogurts, with a revamped fat-free range, plus an indulgent low fat selection which includes Raspberry & White Chocolate, Devon Toffee and citrus flavoured Greek style yogurts.
Manufacturers who trade on fat-free claims are potentially misleading the public, they added, pointing out that 20g of fat per 100g is a high level.
Consumer preference for foods fried in these new oils was equal to preference for foods fried in partially hydrogenated soybean oil (the industry standard that is notoriously high in trans fats) and higher than foods fried in low linolenic soybean oil (another trans fat-free alternative).
If you're cooking for carnivores, Health Valley's delicious Fat-Free Chicken Broth has 380 mg of sodium, and Herb-Ox Very Low Sodium Instant Chicken Bouillon powder has a mere 5 mg.
Our better instincts are all but gone from the food scene as it is, with the rise of fat-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free coffee ice cream (shriveled beans with jagged ice shards), and portable oatmeal bars, which have all the texture, body, hue and taste of real spackle.
Colchester-based condiments manufacturer CCL Foods has turned its attention to summer with what it claims is the UK's first commercially produced fat-free organic salad dressing.
Rush University Medical Center is "losing the trans fat" and has switched to a healthier, trans fat-free cooking oil in the medical center's kitchen and cafeterias -- a switch that will benefit patients, staff, and even makes the cardiologists smile.