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without fat or fat solids

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The Daily Record took to the streets of Glasgow yesterday with regular square sausage and the fat-free version.
We know from our research that there is a huge demand for a genuine fat-free soya milk, especially among skimmed milk users," said marketing director Daniel Derrick.
meatless chili, vegetarian lasagna, stir-fried vegetables with peanuts, tacos or burritos filled with brown rice, salsa, reduced-fat cheese, fat-free refried beans, lettuce, tomato, etc.
Low-fat sour cream also blends better into hot dishes, as the fat-free type has a high water content and may separate into clumps when added to a recipe.
High in fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidant vitamin A, grapefruit is also fat-free and a cholesterol fighter.
Tiburon, California, near San Francisco, is "America's First Trans Fat-Free City.
In a small clinical study from Iowa State and Ohio State Universities, researchers found when salads were eaten with fat-free salad dressing, carotenoid absorption was nearly zero.
VEGETARIAN: all bread products, cheese sub, Gardenburger, VeggieMax, soy turkey sub (available at select locations), soy cheese, all cookies, fat-free ranch, fat-free French, sauces: Southwest Ancho, horseradish, honey mustard
Another sensory-related investigation at the University of Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research revolves around technology for improving the flavor and acceptability of fat-free cheddar cheeses.
botulinum in full-fat, reduced-fat and fat-free process cheese products.
Teachers and administrators now watch for the physical and psychological symptoms of eating abuse and are aware of the nutritional needs of young bodies and the importance of maintaining a flab- and fat-free body through correct technical training and changes in diet.
Change that anthem line to "O'er the land of the fat-free.
New additives, formulations and flavors coming into the fat-free milk segment also provide an edge most dairies have lacked in the fluid milk business - genuine points of difference upon which to build brands.
now offers reduced-fat versions of its Cheez-It, Vienna Fingers and Hydrox lines - as well as fat-free Golden Fruit bars.
Food processors have developed a wide range of fat-free products, ranging from a sour cream-like concoction to modified cheeses, that could help people lose weight and reduce their cholesterol if used carefully and wisely.