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a wealthy and privileged person

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Perhaps we should expect nothing less from the fat-cat culture of the City.
He claimed fat-cat banks could cream an extra EUR300million off cash-strapped families by increasing rates.
Long the council's master who put the interests of the city's bloated bureaucracy and fat-cat politicians ahead of the public interest, Deaton showed in this episode that he still hasn't learned that the roots of democracy are growing in Los Angeles, and the people are taking over.
He can't possibly understand how huge numbers of ordinary people don't have enough to find even a few extra pounds a week to pay for the failings of the fat-cat bankers and the right-wing dogma of fat-cat ministers.
taxpayers have kicked $100,000 into the giant war chest Smith amassed with the help of his fat-cat friends.
THE greed of fat-cat bosses is as wrong as it is objectionable.
The matter of San Fernando Valley secession is a clear struggle between the little guy - Valley residents who have been cheated, neglected and under-served by City Hall for decades - and the fat-cat developers, consultants and City Hall insiders who want nothing more than to preserve a lucrative status quo.
Angry Scottish Pride workers were yesterday trying to stop their fat-cat boss creaming off pounds 400,000.