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What are the key drivers behind the trend for fat reduction and replacement in food and drinks and how might these change?
Title: Non-Invasive Fat Reduction of the Abdomen: A Multicenter Study with a 1060 nm Diode Laser Authors: Lawrence Bass, Sean Doherty, Bass Plastic Surgery PLLC, New York, NY, Boston Plastic Surgery Associates, Concord, MA Date and Time: Sunday, April 26 at 10:27 a.
TORONTO -- According to Millennium Research Group (MRG), the global authority on medical technology market intelligence, noninvasive laser, light and energy-based fat-reduction devices will grow dramatically over the next five years by comparison with more invasive traditional forms of fat reduction, despite doubts about long-term efficacy.
Rubber suits are touted for weight loss, not fat reduction.
How will the entrance of another transdermal ultrasound device in Canada impact the growth of other fat reduction device sales in the country?
It is a quick, safe and comfortable treatment experience without the pain, lumps, bumps or soreness associated with many other non-invasive fat reduction treatments.
When users faithfully combine the Accelerator with Mari Winsor's workout techniques, fat reduction will be higher than users can achieve with only exercises.
The device is cleared by the FDA in the United States for various applications related to skin cooling during dermatologic treatments, with a pending application for non-invasive body fat reduction.
Although the technology is new, a number of studies have already been published that demonstrate the effects of ZWave on fat reduction treatments.
The UltraShape System, developed by medical device leader Syneron Candela, is the first and only non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses pulsed focused ultrasound to immediately and comfortably destroy fat cells, showing results in as little as two weeks.
Results of an independent multi-treatment clinical study of the UltraShape Contour I, the first clinically proven non-invasive focused ultrasound solution for fat reduction and body contouring, will be presented at the American Society for Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) annual meeting on October 30, 2007 in Baltimore, Md.
Kathleen Gilmore offers Innovative Fat Reduction Technology for visible results within 2 weeks of treatment
Chubaty is a world renowned physician with a practice focusing on cellulite and spot fat reduction known as Mesotherapy.
With the recent FDA ban on products containing ephedra there is tremendous demand for non-Ephedrine based supplements that increase strength and promote body fat reduction.
The CoolSmooth applicator is the first and only non-surgical solution designed and clinically proven for fat reduction of the outer thighs.