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a rotund individual

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This is where the illustration of the fat person crushing Congress comes in.
In my late teens I was probably a size 18 but I never felt like a fat person, although deep down I knew I was.
But I found I was still thinking as a fat person - that no-one would want me.
It was depressing when you look in the mirror and see a big fat person," she says.
If you take a show like Supersize vs Superskinny [Channel 4] - the camera is almost on the floor and looks up at the fat person, which makes them appear bigger, but for the skinny person it pans from the head down, making them smaller.
Oh, you've just assassinated a fat person and scoffed him for lunch, have you?
You can't imagine how many people fail to look a fat person in the eyes
Die Fat or Get Tough" - Steve Siebold's new book pulls no punches about his not-so-secret approach to weight loss: "You either think like a fat person and stay fat, or you learn to think like a fit person and get fit.
I used to be in a tracksuit all the time, but then I went out and got chinos and brogues so I didn't look like a fat person.
But I have never read anything by a responsible scientist that says "working out by itself will make a fat person lean," or, for that matter, that "sitting around by itself will make a lean person fat.
It breaks my heart, for the myth of the jolly fat person is just that.
As long as you see yourself as a fat person, you will be a
The image of a fat person being a happy jolly soul in my experience is a cover.