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the localized death of living cells (as from infection or the interruption of blood supply)

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Key words: fat necrosis, lipogranulomatosis, yolk coelomitis, salpingohysterectomy, colonic obstruction, avian, psittacine, umbrella cockatoo, Cacatua alba
Histology results were consistent with areas of fibrosis and fat necrosis from prior methylene blue sentinel node injection.
Stage 3 consists of fat necrosis, cyst formation, calcification and new bone formation.
Histologic examination demonstrated abscesses, areas of fat necrosis, and peripheral fibrous changes.
There was a trend towards a higher risk of fat necrosis in patients who had radiotherapy following a TRAM flap (32%).
Histological examination revealed the presence of 32 breast cancers and 18 benign lesions (fibro-adenoma, fibrocystic changes, fat necrosis and fibrosis).
After reviews of the history of the discipline, the physics of digital mammography, equipment and normal anatomy, she describes over 100 illustrated cases of digital mammographic appearances of benign and malignant calcifications (including fibroadenomas, scars, cysts, effects of fat necrosis, calcifications in lobules and plasma cell mastitis), digital mammographic characteristics of masses (including cysts and carcinomas), digital mammographic techniques for mammographic asymmetries (including cysts and invasive or infiltrating carcinomas, and digital mammographic characteristics of architectural distortion, (including scars and invasive or infiltrating carcinomas).
Edema and fat necrosis in the acetabular region results in a reduced T1 signal, whereas T2 signals are increased due to osteopenia.
Use of calcium channel blockers in pregnancy may result in subcutaneous fat necrosis in newborns.
Our patient, a 57-year-old man, presented with cutaneous lesions in his legs, characterized by lobular panniculitis (PN) with fat necrosis and ghost cells.
Many fibrocystic diseases, such as fat necrosis, which is sometimes caused by nursing, frighten women into worrying about breast cancer.
In the 12-sitedata reported by Strasser, researchers found that rates of seroma, fat necrosis and telangiectasia - potential side effects of any form of APBI - were low among patients at one year and two years after SAVI therapy.