fat hen

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European plant naturalized in North America

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For chickweed 78pc of the infested area was treated and for pansy 77pc, volunteer rape 76pc, fat hen 76pc, charlock 75pc and speedwell 74pc, which reflects the competitive nature of these weeds.
Never put onto the compost heap any perennial weed root system or any flower heads such as Fat Hen, which will often produce seed pods and viable seed even in the middle of your compost bin.
The researchers examined the management of herbicide-resistant GM sugar beet and its effects on a major annual weed associated with the crop, known as Fat Hen, and the skylark.
She takes them all out and is nesting on them, rather like a big fat hen.
Poulet Normand is an absolute solid-gold classic of haute cuisine, originating, of course, in Normandy where the abundance of fat hens, tart apples and rich dairy produce was bound to have brought us something like this sooner or later.
Upper-elementary artists are sure to enjoy making their own "Clay Dragons" (page 24), while middle-schoolers will have lots of laughs as they use hand-building techniques to create crazy-looking chickens, adding color with the precise placement of underglazes ("Big Fat Hens," page 22).