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a metric unit of weight equal to one thousandth of a kilogram

Danish physician and bacteriologist who developed a method of staining bacteria to distinguish among them (1853-1938)

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Answers: 1) 2 ingredients in milk; 2) 28 grams per 1-oz serving; 3) 1 fat gram in milk; 4) 17 calories in milk; 5) 5 ingredients in cheese; 6) 28 grams per 1-oz serving; 7) 9 fat grams in cheese; 8) 113 calories in cheese; 9) 7 - 1 = 6 more grams of protein in a serving of cheese; 10) 113 - 17 = 96 more calories in a serving of cheese; 11) 9 - 1 - 8 more fat grams in a 1-oz serving of cheese
Each Freshside Grille entree boasts 10 or fewer fat grams and zero trans fats.
2) no caption (Book c over - The Essential Fat Gram Counter for Ethnic Dining)
The result is a moist, tasty doughnut-shaped confection he says typically has one-third fewer calories and fat grams than deep-fried doughnuts.
Because in your Foundation period you consumed less calories than now, you'll find you are aiming to take in the same number of fat grams as in the Foundation phase, 65 to 70 grams daily.
I'd barely gotten down the "117-77 Fish & Chips" the night before - 500 calories and 22 fat grams of something that, if blindfolded (that would come later), I wouldn't be able to identify by taste.
Accompanying recipes feature the cost per serving of the restaurant and home cooked versions (with color photos of each) along with calories, fat grams and milligrams sodium per serving.
But since most of the Colossal's fat comes from its beef and cheese, odds are that between 50 and 75 of its fat grams would make your heart shudder.
For the waistline-conscious diner, Cedarlane's Low-Fat Garden Vegetable Lasagna has the lowest number of calories, carbohydrates and fat grams.
Averaging 300 calories and nine fat grams, who knew that frozen sandwiches could taste so good?
Soft goat cheese (chevre) is another good choice: It has about 4 to 5 fat grams per ounce, about the same as part-skim mozzarella.
Imagine see-through thermometers or measuring rules that indicate the weight, carbs, fat grams, or calories of the product dispensed so far.
Per-person consumption of fat grams increased from 149 to 156, a 4.