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a health spa that specializes in helping people lose weight

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For Camp Shane is a fat farm, where America's seriously rich send their seriously chubby kids to fight the flab.
lSending special obesity cases to one of three NHS fat farms for specialist care.
The faulty doctors were not running fat farms, selling bogus cancer cures, or working outside their specialties.
Forget all that stuff you're hearing about tight recruitment, medical discharges, fat farms, failed drug tests, or your ever-fretful commander of the army when he suggests things aren't going quite as swimmingly with his overtaxed army.
As well as selective eating programmes such as the Hay or food-combining diet, the blood-type diet, or the face-readingdiet, there are now fat farms devoted to radical weightloss programmes, styled on American boot camps.
Tubby Scots who can pinch more than an inch could soon be shedding pounds at NHS fat farms, medical boffins claimed yesterday.
Furthermore, these fat farms will have to be staffed by military personnel from the already overstretched manpower pool.