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(chemistry) a colloid in which both phases are liquids

a light-sensitive coating on paper or film

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Key Topics Covered: 1 Related Concepts of Fat Emulsion 2 Market Profile of Fat Emulsion in China 3 Survey on Fat Emulsion Sales in China, 2010-2014 4 Survey on Market Share of Major Fat Emulsion Manufacturers in China, 2010-2014 5 Survey on Dosage Forms of Fat Emulsion in China, 2010-2014 6 Reference Price of Fat Emulsion in Chinese Hospitals in 2014 7 Major Manufacturers of Fat Emulsion in Chinese Market, 2010-2014 8 Market Outlook of Fat Emulsion in China, 2015-2019Companies Mentioned - Baxter - Braun AG - Fresenius Kabi Co.
She received more than 55 patents in her 33-year ARS career, including one for developing a fat emulsion that could be used in intravenous feeding of patients.
It is a sterile, nonpyrogenic fat emulsion for intravenous infusion containing, per liter, 200 mL of soybean oil, 12 mL of egg yolk phospholipids, and 22 mL of glycerin with the balance made up by water (11).
OLIMEL is unique in that it contains a lipid in the form of an olive oil-based IV fat emulsion, Baxter's proprietary CLINOLEIC.
After entered into China market in 1982, China-Germany joint venture Sino-Swed Pharmaceutical is the first enterprise launching fat emulsion, amino acid and other products into market.