fat embolism

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serious condition in which fat blocks an artery

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While generally a safe procedure, it is important to consider the potential of fat embolism syndrome (FES) as a diagnosis in the post-procedure period.
Since 1982 (4) James has been proposing fat embolism as the mechanism.
sup][1] Corticosteroids were thought to be beneficial only for preventing but not treating fat embolism.
1 Fractures of the shaft of femur can be life threatening due to an open wound, fat embolism, ARDS or resultant multiple organ failure.
Vichinsky and associates noted that the acute pain felt by the patient probably indicated that a fat embolism "had injured the bone, caused necrosis, and then the embolism would progress to the lung.
Although a larger case series is needed, macroscopic fat embolism should be considered in the differential diagnostic subset of non-hemorrhagic infarct when a patient presents with neurological symptoms following cardiac surgery, especially after a valve-replacement procedure.
Upon their insistence a tissue analysis was ordered, which showed that cause of death was a pulmonary fat embolism, most likely caused by bone marrow entering the bloodstream as a result of the spinal surgery, according to a the health ministry probe ordered after the new evidence came to light.
A fat embolism is represented by the migration of a fat particle from the bone's marrow to a blood vessel.
3%) has been attributed to several factors including reduced manipulation and disruption of fat during laparoscopy, preventing fat embolism and thrombosis in locally damaged tissue vessels reduced.
It is worth to note that the closed femur fractures should be operated on as early as possible in order to prevent the development of posttraumatic fat embolism and to alleviate patient's care in an intensive care unit (Skorogljadov et al.
A post mortem showed he died of a fat embolism in his heart and lungs, which the doctor said was "commonly associated" with bone fractures.
Performing multiple surgeries increases the magnitude of fat embolism and hence higher risk of complications," says Dr Oberoi.
A femur fracture can displace fat and marrow that can cause a fat embolism in the lungs.