fat chance

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Synonyms for fat chance

little or no chance of success


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FAT CHANCE Watt shows off his torso after copping flak
It is a joy that a slim chance and a fat chance amount to the same thing" - Broadcaster and playwright Sandi Toksvig.
NEW Vasco da Gama coach Renato Portaluppi has warned tubby stars they have fat chance of playing in his side.
FAT CHANCE Mounting evidence that inflammatory secretions from adipose tissue can foster disease has raised hope that these immune attacks might be treatable with anti-inflammatory
Fat chance of winning that fight and what's the lesson from this?
Oxygen is rewriting the rulebook for women's television, with the most original programming of all the women's networks including Mo'Nique's Fat Chance, Talk Sex with Sue Johanson and Oprah After the Show.
Staff at the Kia garage, in Stratford Road, Warwick, are hoping to make people laugh with oneliners, gags and humorous songs from the Fat Chance Comedy Band at the garage on Friday March 18.