fat cat

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a wealthy and privileged person

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Hitting the Fat Cat slot bonus game at just after 1:00 am netted Katherine an $18,800 payout.
Fat Cat Tuesday is the idea of the High Pay Centre, a pressure group that monitors top earners' pay and campaigns for greater equality in our pay packets.
Brown Ale, The Fat Cat Beer Company offers three other "session craft beers in a can," including its Fat Cat Lager, Sultans of Wheat and ShawShank's Injunction Pale Ale.
During this time both the business and the Fat Cat brand has evolved enormously to become the entity that it is today, whilst staying true to its core values of serving great food and drink at good value for money in a stylish and safe environment.
With a primary focus on financial education, SECU's youth programs include FAT CAT for children under 12, and Zard for teens 13-19, with over 212,000 members in the combined programs.
Chris Catron Why not try cutting all the fat cat council bosses' salaries?
THE Fat Cat pub chain has been placed into administration with the bar in Llandudno closing - putting 20 staff out of work.
com)-- Start-up game studio, Fat Cat Gameworks, has announced that their first project will be in collaboration with Christopher Hastings, the author of the popular web-comic, Dr.
Great news that the Atomic Kitten turned very fat cat has recovered from the latest of her many health scares to carry on starring in MTV's inspirational Kerry Katona: Crazy In Love.
AS someone who will soon be a pensioner, I am disgusted that the Scottish and Westminster Parliaments do nothing to stop fat cat bosses from increasing power charges.
A poll of 129 human resources staff showed that 96% believed that fat cat executives led to poor employee relations.
Moves to stop rewarding fat cats who fail firms The Government will today propose new laws to stop bosses walking away with massive payments even when their companies have performed very poorly, in response to the growing concern over socalled 'fat cat' greed.
State Employees' Credit Union's FAT CAT coin sorter machine with FAT CAT along side.
But Britain's fat cat bosses are hoarding earnings owed to staff for shareholders and themselves.
AT a time when Middlesbrough is suffering the consequence of massive budget cuts it beggars belief that the seven top brass officers of Middlesbrough Council were paid almost pounds 1m collectively for the year 2011/2012 Clearly Middlesbrough Council was unperturbed by Eric Pickles when he blasted local authorities for the fat cat salaries paid to council chiefs.