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Synonyms for fastness

reliability in withstanding pressure, force, or stress

Synonyms for fastness

a rate (usually rapid) at which something happens

the quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment

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The reddish copper phthalocyanine pigments which in addition to other blue and green pigments that are based on the same chemistry are sold by BASF under the Heliogen brand, are characterized by their excellent fastness properties.
We have also prolonged its product life cycle by strengthening color fastness, making the fabric suitable for developing products like T-shirts, underwear and summer dresses.
The new Linx Black Ink 3401 offers a fast drying time of one to three seconds on both porous and non-porous materials, as well as superior light fastness and excellent adhesion and contrast on a wide range of materials including paper, card, plastic and flow-wrap.
The new bluish red polyreactive dyes now feature a broad palette color spectrum in the pale shades with highest light fastness.
Party leaders and workers always tried their best to strengthen democracy and set records of struggle and sacrifices; their fastness will never compromise, he mentioned.
The term 'UV absorbers' covers various organic and inorganic compounds having the common characteristic of marked absorption of UV radiation, virtually no absorption in the visible region and high light fastness.
The polymer system of the coating is one of the main factors affecting the fastness properties of an ink jet print, since polymers can stabilize and immobilize the colourant both physically and chemically [6-8].
6, which has improved light fastness and wash fastness over Nylon 6.
If this doesn't work, test colour fastness in a hidden area, then gently rub the mark with a pencil eraser.
LORD Andrew Lloyd Webber has more houses than most of us have suits, but his Irish fastness in Fethard is one of his favourites.
Light fastness is one of the most important items in Ink Jet printing .
As befits a repository of historical data, sensitive to both human and natural intervention, the building has the physical and experiential air of a hermetic, brooding fastness.
from what freedom freed from what fastness unfastened what is fear
The company offers an extensive range of light fastness and weathering testing instruments.
Work in Europe is also addressing issues of aging and weatherability, including the need for tests of water absorption, weight loss, weatherability, aging, color fastness, and resistance to fungi, algae and insects, according to Gilles Labat, R&D manager of CTBA.