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Fastigium of vertex inversely ovoid, dorsal apex distinctly narrower than vertex fastigium, usually separated from vertex fastigium by a rather large gap
Body pale yellowish with mid-dorsal red to brown stripe following median carinae of coryphe, pronotum, and mesonotum and more weakly along the commissural margin of forewings (darkest on the vertex); black marking at apex of fastigium and extending to lateral margin.
Green or grayish-brown; antennae monochromatic; fastigium acute, low, fairly elongate, with deep groove; Lateral sides of pronotum with vertical median grooves and with a conspicuous longitudinal carinate fold above the lower margin (Fig.
Vertex rectangular, longer than wide (2:1) projecting beyond eyes more than one-third of its length, basal compartment occupying approximately basal third, very conspicuous carinae, submedian ones forming a narrow triangular area continuing just beyond fastigium (Fig.
Sin embargo, durante las colectas y observaciones en campo, se encontraron machos con heridas en varias partes del cuerpo y mutilaciones, tales como perdida de tarsos o tibias (Figura 4), cicatrizacion en el fastigium, pequenas cicatrizaciones en varias partes del abdomen y por ultimo un macho con el ala estropeada y con cicatrices, en cualquier caso se descarta que las heridas sean el resultado de accidentes pues la contextura de estos insectos es muy fuerte y se requiere algo de fuerza para arrancar alguna parte del cuerpo o causar una lesion superficial.
Fastigium slightly inclined downwards, smaller than the eyes and with a rounded apex and lateral carina and a well-marked dorsal medial carina; these carina unite at the apex and extend to the lower border of the eyes.
Landmarks for measures were: body length: tip of fastigium verticis to tegmina extremity; pronotum length: disc in dorsal view midline distance cephalic margin to caudal; mesofurcal pits separation: distance in ventral view between furcal pit centres; metafemur length: distance from anterior coxotrochanteral articulation distad to femorotibial joint, excluding genicular lobes; ovipositor length: from ovipositor extremity to clasper sockets of female's subgenital plate, i.
In this new species fastigium of vertex narrower than the 1st antennal segment.
It is distinguished from the Melanoplinae based on the face straight or concave; fastigio-facial angle distinct; fastigium separated from face by a transverse prominent carina (Fig.
Sin embargo, haremos sobre todo referencia a la enciclica Ad Catholici Sacerdotii fastigium que es una sintesis de la doctrina del papa sobre la naturaleza y el ejercicio del ministerio sacerdotal.
Aristotelici iudicii et sapientie esse qui ad summum fastigium tendenti Alexandro dixit amicitiam et necessitudinem regi cum iis esse comparandum qui et non procul abessent et essent potentissimi ut alter alteri presto adesset, et mutuo presidio facillime iuvari posset.
violaverit aut regem nece adtractaverit aut potestate regni exuerit aut praesumptione tyrannica regni fastigium usurpaverit .
Head with vertex sloping between ocelli; fastigium verticis with a medial furrow bordered by a parallel-sided rectangular carina opened behind, separated from fastigium frontis by a deep transverse furrow; lateral ocelli situated on both sides at base of that carina.
Foveolae triangular hardly reaching the fastigium of vertex; mesosternal interspaces hardly wider than long or narrow than long .