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having clusters of erect branches (often appearing to form a single column)

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Columnar and fastigiate trees, either deciduous or evergreen, create pillar-like effects and are especially valuable where space is limited in small gardens.
Red Pillar' - Columnar or fastigiate with red-purple leaves that are orange tinted in fall.
There are also varieties of common forest trees which are known as fastigiate, which means that the branches grow upright instead of spreading.
Other beeches include the cultivars -- copper beech, weeping beech, Dawyck or fastigiate beech and fern-leaved beech -- all from Fagus sylvatica and popular choices for ornamentals.
Miss Harding was joined by twins Emma and Harriet Aldwinckle in planting the fastigiate oak tree behind the park's visitor centre.
And while there is less danger of root spread with fastigiate and columnar trees, the roots will still extend further than the crown.
However, unlike truncate or fastigiate seed shape of Matterhorn and UI 465, dry seeds of UI98-209G are cuboid, and possess light yellow hilar ring.
LANDSCAPE NOTES: Fastigiate White Pine is an interesting cultivar, with the refined foliage of Eastern White Pine that is better suited to smaller properties.
Wrap netting or wire around conifers with a narrow fastigiate habit to protect against snow damage.
Cherries are not my favourite group of trees but Prunus Ama-no-Gowa can provide a superb punctuation mark in the garden as its fully fastigiate habit fills with soft pink blossom in April and then lights up with glorious reds and yellows in October as the leaves turn.